What Links To Use On Your Guest Posts According To Your Business Goals

Choosing the right landing pages for your guest blogging traffic is important to the success of your campaign. The types of landing pages that you should be linking to in your guest posts can vary by the type of business you operate (check this post: The Importance Of The Links You Use On Guest Posts ), as well as by the goal of your guest blogging campaign.

Below are five goals that business owners generally have for their guest blogging efforts, each with their own approach to landing pages formulated to produce the best results.

Goal #1 – Guest Blogging to Build Relationships and Network with Bloggers When your intentions are to build relationships with bloggers in your industry, the landing page you choose isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of your campaign.

The most popular choices for links are to your business’ homepage and to your blog. You want to portray a professional and knowledgeable appearance, so it’s important to avoid linking directly to hard-sell or low-quality pages. In addition to your website, be sure to include links to your social media profiles and your email address within your byline.

Goal #2 – Guest Blogging to Show Your Expertise The approach to exhibiting your expertise in your industry is going to be similar to what it would be for building relationships with industry bloggers. Your guest blog posts are generally going to be used for “bragging” to clients rather than generating leads. Therefore, linking to your company’s homepage or blog reinforces both your professionalism and company’s standing.

Including social media links is also vital to coming across as an expert in your field. These social links are a great asset for all of the different objectives of guest blogging, but they are the most crucial for goals #1 and #2.

Goal #3 – Guest Blogging to Generate Traffic and Increase Brand Awareness If you’re trying to generate as much traffic to your website as possible, it’s important to give readers of your guest posts reasons to click through.

Here it is of the utmost importance to link to pages on your blog that are directly relevant to each individual guest post. If you’re not offering links to articles in your blog that are of interest to your guest posts’ readers, you’re going to lose a significant chunk of potential traffic.

Goal #4 – Guest Blogging to Generate Leads In order to generate leads from your guest posts, you need to give visitors a reason to provide their personal information. This means linking to either a conversion-optimized landing page offering a free report, eBook or online course, or to an ultra-informative resource page on your blog.

The blog article should provide comprehensive solutions to the problems that your customers face. Basically, you’ll tell readers how the services that you offer can solve their problems. This shows off your knowledge on the subject, and when combined with an effective call-to-action can be a strong asset in adding new potential customers into your marketing funnel.

Goal #5 – Guest Blogging to Build Backlinks If one of the goals of your guest blogging campaign is to build backlinks to improve your site’s SEO, it’s important to choose the right pages to link to. With google penalizing websites using “spammy” guest blogging campaigns, it’s important to ensure your links appear natural, are relevant to readers and provide useful information.

All-inclusive guides, just like the ones used when trying to generate leads, are the best pages to link to for SEO purposes. Not only will they help avoid Google’s crosshairs, but they are also much easier to rank than service or product pages.

No matter what the goals of your guest blogging campaign are, it’s important that you use landing pages that will generate results. In many instances, this will mean linking to comprehensive and informative resources on your blog. Other times linking to your homepage and social profiles may be the best choice. Regardless of your goals or optimal landing page type, however, it’s always important to have a business blog filled with content that your potential customers will find useful.

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