Using Social Media To Pitch Your Guest Post

Sometimes, email is just not the best way to pitch your guest posts. Email isn’t always personal, and it can be challenging to get some bloggers to even open your messages. Thankfully, sending a guest post request can be done in a variety of different ways – not just through email. One highly effective medium for getting through to bloggers is through social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Finding The Social Media Profiles Of Bloggers

In order to get in contact with bloggers through social media, you need to first track down their profiles. For some bloggers, this is a quick and simple process. For others, however, this may require a bit of research and digging around on your part. Luckily, most bloggers today are highly active on social media – especially the blogs that should be on your target list. This means that with a little effort you should face no problem getting in contact with them.

A few ways to find a blog owner’s social media profiles include:

  • Look on the target blog or website. With the current emphasis on social engagement and searching, many bloggers have placed links to their profiles right on their homepages.
  • Search on twitter using the name of the blog
  • Conduct a search for any guest post the blog owner may have done on other websites. Check the articles’ bylines – often bloggers will include social links in there.

Why Social Media May Be Better than Email

Sending an email directly to bloggers to pitch your guest post can be a great, straight-forward way to open communication. In some circumstances though, social media makes an even better platform for getting your requests approved.

If you’ve already established yourself as an authority in your field or have already began developing a connection with the blogger, email can work. They’ll recognize your name and take the time to read your pitch.

When you haven’t built up a rapport, social media can help you stand out from other guest bloggers. Successful bloggers get a ton of emails every day – especially guest post requests. In their inbox, you’re no more than faceless name. Through social media, however, they are able to see that you’re a real person with real social reach. This builds credibility and makes site owners much more likely to read and consider your proposition.

Getting Your Guest Posting Offers Accepted

For many people that are new to guest blogging, getting the first guest post pubished can be the most difficult step. After you’ve successfully contributed one quality article to a blog, future pitches to that blog or even others are much more likely to be accepted.

Getting a blog owner to approve your first guest post request can be a lot easier if you:

When you use social media to reach out to bloggers, you’re adding a new layer of trust to the pitch. You can use your social profile to help show site owners that you’re a real person, serious about your business and providing them with great content. Through email, you have to struggle to stand out from the other guest bloggers – a hefty feat in many circumstances. This can be avoided by leveraging social media to get your guest posts accepted with less resistance from the bloggers.

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