Using Guest Blogging Communities to Find Bloggers Seeking Guest Posts

Finding guest posting opportunities can be time consuming. This can put many business owners off from guest blogging because they don’t have the time to make a research using google or they don’t want to solicit other bloggers. Luckily, there are a couple of prominent guest blogging communities that connect blog owners and guest bloggers easily and without solicitation.



The most popular website on the internet for connecting bloggers with guest bloggerss is MyBlogGuest. MyBlogGuest gives businesses searching for guest posting opportunities the ability to network directly with blog owners looking for content.

There are three different ways for you to find great opportunities:

  1. You can post content you have already created, or a concept that you would like to write about. This allows blog owners to browse through MyBlogGuest and find writers and articles that are a great match for their website. As a guest blogger, this offers you exposure to countless site owners without having to solicit them for an opportunity. Instead, you simply post your information and wait for them to contact you. The only disadvantage on this is that you have to pay a montly fee to have this ability.
  2. MyBlogGuest also has forums for guest post writers to post about themselves, their companies and the subjects they’re interested in writing on. You don’t need to have specific article thought up or already written to take advantage of this. You can just post your writing offer and wait for blog owners who are interested in your offer to get in touch with you about open opportunities.
  3. Lastly, MyBlogGuest allows blog owners to create posts about the type of guest writers they’re looking for. When seeking out viable opportunities for your guest blogging campaign, a quick browse through this section of the site will enable you to contact bloggers in your niche that are actively looking for guest posts on the subjects that you specialize in. Getting connected with site owners doesn’t get much easier than this.

Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp

Blogger LinkUp is another widely-used platform for finding guest posting opportunities. Unlike MyBlogGuest, Blogger LinkUp doesn’t offer the ability to search for opportunities through its website. Instead, they send a few newsletters each week split into “Guest Posts Wanted” and “Guest Posts Available”.

These emails bring potential guest posting opportunities directly to your inbox, and also allow you to offer your articles to subscribing site owners who are looking for guest contributors. Using Blogger LinkUp is easy – you can sign up for their email list and receive new potential campaign targets every few days.

(Blogger LinkUp made some changes recently and now they allow adding listings on the website)

Maximizing the Value of Guest Blogging Communities

Guest blogging communities like MyBlogGuest and Blogger LinkUp are tremendous resources for finding available opportunities. The key to a successful campaign over the long-term is to use these communities as a stepping stone in building relationships with the site owners you contribute to. While some business goals, like generating traffic and expanding your brand awareness encourage you to spread your reach to many different blogs in and around your industry, other goals require focus on a few of the most relevant blogs in your niche. Even when seeking posting opportunities on a number of blogs, you should still be keeping track of results and building relationships with the best performing websites.

Using guest posting communities such as Blogger Linkup and MyBlogGuest are beneficial for both site owners and guest bloggers. New opportunities are being posted on these sites daily so you will certainly find blogs to post your guest posts.


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  1. How to conform my website[] on myblogguest guest blog, if you have any idea please provide for me?

    • Hi Partheepan, you just have to register on myblogguest and then make a thread on the forum asking guest bloggers if they would like to write for your blog…

      • Guest post communities ask member to submit a new content, but i think instead of giving them my best content, as for me is a Good ideal to post that content to my website, or what do you think

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