Top Content Marketing Blogs : 45 Experts Share Their Favorites

It’s easy for business owners to say that they already have an idea about content marketing, but when push comes to shove, they don’t have anything to show for. The importance of content marketing cannot be overstated. Any business that needs to boost their branding and reach more prospective clients will find effective solutions in content marketing.

But what exactly is content marketing? In a nutshell, it is a technique that uses content – whether in the form of text, images, or any media form – to capture a particular niche or market with the objective of increasing sales or leads. This is especially relevant in the current generation of business owners who rely on online strategies to capture a chunk of the market share.

Some of the most effective and common content marketing strategies include the following:

  • Webpages with relevant and valuable content
  • Infographics that describe a particular topic
  • Videos related to the business or niche
  • Podcasts to make your online presence more personable

For many business owners, the ultimate goal of content marketing is a customer purchase. However, some of them may get lost in the dust and unsure about how to start using content for the objective of profit. Fortunately, there are a lot of interesting blogs that focus on content marketing, many of which provide guides and tips on how to start and maintain content marketing strategies.

We asked 45 bloggers and marketing experts what their top content marketing blogs are. Check out their responses:

Top Content Marketing Blogs (As voted by 45 Bloggers)

#1:  Backlinko 9 votes

#2: MozContentMarketingInstituteCopyblogger and Quicksprout – Tied with 8 votes each

#2: Siegemedia – 4 votes

#3: Bufferapp Blog – 3 votes

#4: Neilpatel.Com, Marketingprofs, Problogger, Smartpassiveincome, Viperchill, Hubspot, Builtvisible, Smartblogger, Authorityhacker, Groove, SearchenginejournalDucttapemarketingConvinceandconvert, & Seroundtable – 2 votes each

#5: 2Createawebsite, Blumenthals, Businesscasualcopywriting, Buzzsumo, Conversionsciences, Conversionxl, Coschedule, Customersthatstick, Daringfireball, Donnamerrilltribe, Growmap, Heidicohen, Kaiserthesage, Kikolani, Kottke, Searchengineland, Socialtriggers, Taragentile, Tubularinsights, WpcurveCampaignlive, Contentharmony, Digitalmarketer, Goinflow, Jeffbullas, Nichepursuits, Postadvertising, Poweraffiliateclub, Pr2020, Rachealcook, Seo-Writer, Socialmediaexaminer, Stateofdigital, Womensmarketing, Wordstream, Ahrefs,, Fizzle, Sumome, Contentchampion, Garyvaynerchuk, Growandconvert, Kissmetrics, Portent, Reginaldchan, Stonetemple, Inbound, Medium, Toprankblog and Yoast , , 1 vote each

Read more about the thoughts and opinions of each blogger about their top content marketing blogs:

lilach-bullockLilach Bullock –

There are so many amazing content marketing blogs out there, but if I had to pick a few favourites they would probably be the Jeff Bullas blog and The Content Marketing Institute blog for content marketing case studies, tips and advice and the Moz blog for SEO tips for content marketers

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rob-cubbonRob Cubbon –

Problogger because I have been following Darren Rowse for six of seven years – longer than I’ve been following anyone online. He’ll not only teach you about blogging properly but also how to put out content on various other channels.

WPcurve blog is a great one to follow because it’s an example of how just one person, Dan Norris, grew a multi-million service business through free content alone.

And, finally, from Lisa Irby, I’ve also been following her for so long (maybe even for as long as I’ve been following Darren Rowse). She’s amazing for what she’s done on YouTube and now she’s creating video courses. She’s also an expert on affiliate marketing, website reselling, and much, much more.
Have a look at the above, join their email lists, and learn from the experts who have created 7-figure businesses through blogging.

Rob is a bestselling author, online course creator, designer and entrepreneur who’s been running an online business for 10 years.

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jasonJason Acidre – Xight Interactive

The top content marketing blogs I personally follow at the moment are Siege MediaContent HarmonyBuzzSumo.

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atish-ranjanAtish Ranjan – Atish Ranjan

My favorite content marketing blogs are:

Hubspot, Buffer blog & CoSchedule

I love these blogs because, in my blogging and writing journey, I have found many solutions from these 3 blogs especially. Many a time, when I search for something, I get the exact solution from these blogs. Not only for content marketing but they share other marketing tips as well which are quite helpful. Above all, Hubspot is more than awesome!

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jon-haverJon Haver – Authority Website Income


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steven-macdonaldSteven MacDonald – Kings Point

Content Marketing Institute – For me, this is my go-to resource for anything content related, whether that be content strategy, copy-writing or content promotion.

Must read: The 5 Pillars of Successful Content Marketing

QuickSprout – Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout covers all things digital marketing, but his articles on content marketing are highly practical. Neil covers everything from content analysis, SEO copy-writing and how to brainstorm content ideas.

Must read: The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

Backlinko – Brian Dean’s blog on SEO and content promotion strategies are second to none. With his content marketing case studies, the skyscraper technique and content upgrade, Backlinko has a plethora of must-read content marketing articles.

Must read: Link-building Case Study: Skyscraper Technique

Steven Macdonald is a digital marketer at SuperOffice based in Tallinn, Estonia.


erik-emanuelliErik Emanuelli – No Passive Income 

I love these content marketers and their blogs: Kristi Hines at, Gail Gardner at & David Leonhardt at

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marcus-millerMarcus Miller – Bowler Hat

I think this is a really tough topic and outside of the SEO niche many of the specific blogs are not consistently that strong. This is not to say there are not blogs that put great pieces out there but on a consistent basis there is not always so much to talk about. The ones that I tend to enjoy typically have a narrower focus within content marketing and the following are a few of my favourites though and sites that I tend to revisit.

Social Media Examiner – consistently the best source of social media marketing information out there. Other blogs may talk about social but only SME seem to really graft solid marketing thinking onto tactical use of the social channels.

Tubular Insights – video is continuing to blow up and is clearly an area of content that does not get enough love (yet) on many of the traditional content marketing blogs. Tubular insights is hands down the best source for strategic and tactical advice for video content marketing.

Pro Blogger – pro blogger tend to have a bias towards blogs but what are blogs if not a content marketing platform? From monetization to turning readers into customers Pro Blogger pretty much has you covered.

I really think there is a big issue in digital marketing at the moment in that the major digital channels are all so heavily siloed – the real win with content marketing is to see how content fits into your search, paid and social strategies. Creating content is the hard bit but marketers need to learn how to integrate all areas of digital to generate results greater than the sum of their parts. I just published a post on making content marketing work harder a few days back on the Bowler Hat blog that explores this integrated approach in a little more detail.
Marcus is the head of client strategy at Bowler Hat and spends most of his time helping businesses plan and implement integrated marketing campaigns across the search and social landscapes.

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nate-shivarNate Shivar – Shivar Web

WordStream – WordStream is a PPC software company, but they’ve set a high-bar for balancing quality and quantity. Their posts showcase a lot of tactics that use both PPC & content marketing successfully.

BuiltVisible – Mostly known for their technical SEO pieces, they’ve been sharing a lot of very tactical content marketing posts this year.

SiegeMedia – SiegeMedia is run by Ross Hudgens. They don’t publish often, but when they do – it’s a must-read.
Nate Shivar is a marketing educator & SEO consultant from Atlanta, GA.


adam-connellAdam Connell –

AuthorityHacker – Gael and Mark publish some of the most actionable marketing related content on the web.

ConversionXL – CRO is a big deal if you want to get any sort of ROI back from your marketing. ConversionXL always gives me some food for thought.

GrowAndConvert – Just read one of their posts and you’ll completely understand why this is blog made it to my top 3.
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ryan-stewartRyan Stewart – Webris

My favorite marketing blogs are MozBuiltVisible.

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joshua-mackensJoshua Mackens – Local Business Internet Marketing University

I don’t have any content marketing blogs I follow.

I get my content marketing learning on the streets from it being put into action. So I read people like Brian Dean, Moz, and ViperChill.

These 3 sites in particular are SEO/Marketing focused but they write amazing content, which is what content marketing is all about. I read them not only to stay up to date on marketing but as I read, I pick out the things I like about the article and adapt them to our own blog writing.

From ViperChill I learned the importance of the depth of an article, how depth provides value, and how important it is to content marketing. From Brian Dean I’ve learned that your article needs to give away some secrets sometimes to be quality content. And from Moz I’ve learned how important is to consistently produce content (something I admit I’m still learning how to do) in order to be an influencer with your content marketing.

While these aren’t content marketing blogs (although Moz touches on that sometimes as well as Brian Dean), they’ve taught me more than any content marketing blog. In order to learn a particular sect of marketing, you just have to do it. And I learn from these guys as they “just do it”..
CEO – Local Business Internet Marketing University

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peter-attiaPeter Attia – Cucumber Nebula

This is a tough one. Most marketing publications seem to stray back and forth on the quality of their content, so it’s hard to narrow it down to the “best”. I think I’ll have to go with the below, as they put out some of the most consistently good content:

Brian Dean’s BlogMoz top 10 email & Glen Allsopp’s Blog.


andrew-shotlandAndrew Shotland – Local SEO Guide

While there are a ton of great content marketing blogs out there, I prefer to focus on sites that actually produce amazing content. They will be much better for marketers to emulate than some infographic-generating guru-type who claims to know how you too can pump out an amazing blog post every day or how to get a million links in 30 days if you only subscribe to his/her newsletter and click on his/her affiliate links. If you truly are interested in content marketing, study what these guys do. They are some of the best:  &

and here’s a bonus cause these guys are absolutely the king of content:
Andrew is the founder and CEO of, an enterprise SEO consulting firm specializing in multi-location brands and really big screwed up websites.

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seth-williamsSeth Williams – REtipster

There are a lot of great blogs out there, but if I had to narrow it down to my Top 3, I would choose the following:
Smart Passive Income with Pat FlynnSocial Triggers with Derek Halpern & The Sparkline from

Each of these sites have given me tremendous inspiration and insight into how to run a better online business and community. I can honestly say my online presence wouldn’t be what it is today without these helpful resources.

Seth Williams is an experienced land investor and residential income property owner, with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial banking industry. 


dave-schneiderDave Schneider – NinjaOutreach

Groove and QuickSprout.

David Schneider is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He writes about business and entrepreneurship and enjoys travel.


dan-stelterDan Stelter –  The B2B Lead Gen Guy

Content Marketing InstituteMarketingProfs & Convince & Convert.

Dan Stelter drives leads through the roof by crafting remarkably engaging content for software and tech companies. 

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nathan-gotchNathan Gotch – Gotch SEO

Copyblogger – they put lots of thought into their content and give consistent value.

SmartBlogger – another favorite of mine because the content is always actionable. – Neil’s blog is one of a kind. I don’t know of another blog that can produce so much value and such a high frequency.

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james-norquayJames Norquay – Prosperity Media

Content Marketing Institute – Industry leader in content marketing some great content.

Post – Great articles on story telling and content marketing.

Copy Blogger – Industry blog for copywriting some great content.

SEO & Content Marketing Consulting Director from Sydney Australia. Work with Big Brands, Funded Startups and B2B’s to drive huge growth online.


casie-gilletteCasie Gillette – KoMarketing

Portent – I think Ian Lurie is one of the smartest and funniest speakers out there and his company’s blog reflects that.
Buffer – They consistently put out really great, and often in-depth stuff – both content and social media related.

Customers That Stick – This isn’t necessarily “content” based but it deals with customer service and I think so much of what we do, has to deal with talking to customers.

Casie Gillette is the Director of Online Marketing at , where she leads digital marketing strategy for clients of the organization.


sean-smithSean Smith – Simple Tiger

For me it would have to be,, and likely Groove’s 0-100k MRR blog, all are fantastic resources with a wealth of information for beginners all the way to seasoned veterans of search marketing.


devesh-sharmaDevesh Sharma – WordPress Kube

My favorite blogs are:



rick rammosRick Ramos

My specialty is technical SEO, so the blogs I read are typically closer to the SEO side than content marketing. However, some of my favorite publishers talk about both.
Moz – The Moz blog is very near and dear to my heart. Moz was there for me when I started my SEO career, way back in 2008, and continues to be one of my very first go-to places for the latest and greatest news and insights about SEO, content, and the wide world of digital marketing.
Search Engine Journal – SEJ is another blog I’ve been following for almost a decade. This one is a staple of my Feedly feed.

GoInflow blog – Inflow is a Moz recommended inbound marketing agency, in Denver, CO, who specializes in eCommerce marketing. I worked at this agency for a few years and learned more at that company than any other place I’ve ever worked. This blog consistently publishes creative, cutting-edge tips and tactics for content, SEO, and CRO. Although this is an eCommerce-focused agency, the advice they give can be applied in any industry.

I am a holistic SEO professional with over fifteen years of web publishing experience. 


tom-demersTom Demers – Corner Stone Content

I don’t read a ton of content marketing-focused blogs but a few great ones are: Content Marketing InstituteContent Champion & Siege Media.

Generally though I think the best way to learn about content marketing is to read the blogs / content put out by companies that have built a business around content marketing and/or you know are doing content marketing efficiently (ie read content created by smart companies in various industries / niches).

rafi-chowdhuryRafi Chowdhury – Chowdhury’s Digital, &

Rafi Chowdhury is the found of Chowdhury’s Digital and Co-founder of MyCampusHacks. He is also a contributing author on many marketing blogs and enjoys writing.


ikechi-awazieIkechi Awazie –

My three favorite Content Marketing Blogs are:  Donna Merrill TribeReginald Chan Power Affliate Club.

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nicole-beckettNicole Beckett – Nicole Beckett Creative

Womens Marketing BlogPR 20/20Marketingprofs.

Nicole Beckett is a Creative Director, Marketing Expert/PR, Brand Image Consultant/Mascot Designer.


kristoffer-howesKristoffer Howes – Weal Media

The Internet marketing industry evolves quickly. This makes it difficult to stay current on search engine and social media feature updates and improvements. Thankfully the Stone Temple Consulting blog has a Studies and Tests section that reviews recent changes. and recommends tried and tested strategies.

One of the most important aspects of your marketing campaign is visual content. From changes in profile picture sizes to creating better post images, Dustin W. Stout’s blogWhere Social Media And Creativity Collide – provides a current and expert view on improving the way you communicate visually.

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matt-bannerMatt Banner – On Blast Blog

Seroundtable – great place for search engine related news.

Quicksprout – the holy grail of all things internet marketing.

Backlinko – awesome innovative marketing strategies.



joe-williamsJoe Williams – Zen Optimise – a great use of storytelling to write concise and compelling blog posts about content marketing and copywriting. – always packed with loads of actionable content marketing strategies. – probably more social media focused but some really good content promotion posts to feed on.

Joe Williams is the MD and SEO trainer for Zen Optimise.


krystian-szastokKrystian Szastok – – Gary is like an always-on source of motivation and social (media) knowledge and insight. His #askgaryvee show was amazing while I followed it, the book that followed too. If you want to be in the know about the newest trends in social and generally, keep staying motivated on your entrepreneurial journey, he’s the guy to follow. – SERoundtable has always been my go to source for all things Google related, especially when it comes to SEO. One site that if you follow, you shouldn’t miss any Google announcements etc. – My favourite source on content marketing in general, wish I had more time to read their stuff as it’s always useful and helpful to brushing up your content marketing skills and executing cool campaigns.


simon-pensonSimon Penson – Zazzle Media

I read a lot. It’s the only way to keep up with this fantastic industry of ours. Outside of our own blog:) I’d say I enjoy reading a real mix to capture the thoughts of everything from the search community (through sites like Moz), the advertising and creative agency world (Campaign) and the content world (Content Marketing Institute).


michael-borgeltMichael Borgelt – 51 Blocks  &

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sue-anne-dunlevieSue Dunlevie – Successful Blogging

My favorite blogs are: Smart Blogger from Jon Morrow, TaraGentile from Tara Gentile & RachealCook from Racheal Cook. They have all been my mentors and I love their work!

Sue Dunlevie helps bloggers make money with their blogs so they can work at home, be their own boss and spend more time doing what they love.

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robbie-richRobbie Richards –

AhrefsQuicksproutAuthority Hacker – Each blog provides super actionable content that helped me a lot across various aspects of SEO and content marketing.



jitendra-vaswaniJitendra Vaswani – Bloggers Ideas

Quicksprout, KissmetricsCopyblogger. These are my favortite blogs from where I had learned lot of thing in digital marketing. By reading high authority content blogs help you gain access to latest trends in business.

Jitendra Vaswani is a professional blogger, speaker and an influential digital marketer. He is the founder of Internet Marketing blog

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tim-souloTim Soulo – Ahrefs

Guys from SumoMe have been putting out lots of great articles lately and Brian Dean has any evergreen posts that he regularly updates with fresh tips –

Tim Soulo is the guy responsible for marketing and product development at Ahrefs. But most importantly he’s the chief evangelist of the company. 

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anil-agarwalAnil Agarwal – Bloggers Passion

QuickSprout – Neil Patel is the guy to follow if you want to learn and master content marketing. He knows what he’s talking about and he also shows how to get it done. He uses simple language and he also demonstrates his strategies with examples. That’s why it’s my #1 recommendation.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn is another hero who walks the talk. He is known for his insightful content. If you follow his blog and implement the tips he mentions, you are surely going to get massive rewards.

Copyblogger – This is a MASSIVE resource for bloggers and marketers. You don’t want to skip this blog if you want to build a huge audience who are ready to buy whatever you sell.
Anil Agarwal is the guy behind Bloggers Passion blog where he is helping newbie bloggers about improving traffic to their blogs through SEO, Blogging & Content Marketing.


fili-wieseFili Wiese – Search Brothers

In my line of business, that’s SEO consulting there are a handful of content marketing blogs which are a must. Search Engine Land is one of them, so are State of Digital and Search Engine Journal. Now these are just the first three of the top of my head. There’s a number of other, equally relevant high quality content marketing blogs out there that I’m both humbled to contribute on a regular basis and a keen reader of. The key for content marketing selection is quality obviously.

Fili Wiese is a renowned technical SEO expert and former senior member of Google’s Search Quality team. 



Moosa Hemani – SEtalks

Copy Blogger – Bookmark this blog and read it on daily basis if you want to learn how to write an exciting copy (blogpost) that everyone reads and shares.

Content Marketing Institute Blog – If you are already into content marketing and want to upgrade your skills, this is a blog for you.

Conversion Scientist – If you are in to content and neuro marketing, this blog is for you to read and understand how better content can help businesses improve their conversions.

Moosa Hemani is a founder of an Inbound Marketing Agency called He also regularly writes on different marketing blogs like,, and others.


venchito-tamponVenchito Tampon – SharpRocket

SiegeMedia (Ross Hudgens) – provides actionable long-form content on topics like content curation, outreach placements and blogger outreach – best if you want to scale your techniques for agency clients and niche sites.

Business Casual CopyWriting – gives real talk on techniques to improve content conversion which is critical if you want to increase leads and customers for your online business.

Kaiserthesage – it’s actually a SEO blog but is a testament of how important content is for one’s business. Link building is also aligned to content marketing – Jason’s blog will give you case studies on how to promote your content and acquire natural backlinks.

Venchito Tampon is the CEO and Co-Founder of SharpRocket, a professional link building company that provides high-quality link building services to international clients in US, UK, Australia and Canada.


rajesh-namaseRajesh Namase – Blogging Tips – Brian shares valuable articles and case studies which help to grow traffic and sales. – Follow this blog for learning basic SEO and content marketing.

Rajesh Namase is an IT engineer and technology enthusiast. He is a professional blogger and online marketer, specializing in SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing and Email marketing.

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ashwin-rameshAshwin Ramesh – Synup and Medium.

This helps me with not just understanding best practices, but gives me a ton of ideas for creating new content.

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ryan-biddulphRyan Biddulph –  Blogging From Paradise

Ducttapte Marketing is my fave content marketing blog because posts are laid out in a simple, easy to understand style. Most bloggers and online entrepreneurs crave helpful information but feel flooded with overload. Ducttape is all about keeping things simple while flowing with the latest successful trends. I can read and use the information immediately. That’s why I’m a reader.

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fabrizioFabrizio Van Marciano – Magnet 4 Blogging

My three favorite content marketing blogs are Copyblogger, Convince & Convert and Top Rank Marketing (Blog). However there are plenty of other blogs that aren’t focused on content marketing as such, that I love to read, and that write great content on the topic of content marketing.

Out of all of them, Copyblogger remains the king of the crop for me at least. I’ve been subscribed to the Copyblogger blog, tuning into the podcast since 2011.

A lot of what I’ve been able to achieve in my business, with creating engaging content for my specific audience, is thanks to reading Copyblogger.


James Brockbank – brockbank top content marketing blogs

1. Backlinko (

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you likely already follow Brian Dean and Backlinko. To put it simply; Brian does a fantastic job of showcasing that less really is more when it comes to content marketing. Unlike the majority of blogs which publish high volumes of posts, Brian generally posts only one post each month but makes sure that it’s the very best it can be. His posts cover topics in so much depth combined with actionable tips, imagery and bespoke visuals and that’s the reason why his posts rank in top position for terms such as ‘link building.’

2. CoSchedule Blog (

CoSchedule itself may be one of the best editorial calendar tools out there but their blog is equally one of the best content marketing blogs out there. If you’re looking for actionable content marketing tips and tricks, you could do far worse than follow the blog. Whether you’re just getting started with content marketing or are a veteran marketer looking to brush up their skills in a particular area, you’ll learn something from CoSchedule.

3. Blog (

You’re likely familiar with Sujan Patel but did you know he runs his own content marketing tool? The blog offers a wealth of actionable tips and insights from Sujan and his team and there’s no doubting that it’s some of the very best content in the space. Another blog who don’t do things half-heartedly, following the blog will see you kept up to date with some of the best content in the industry an

James Brockbank is Managing Director of Digitaloft, a UK based digital marketing agency focussed upon high-performing inbound campaigns which deliver results in the form of targeted leads and sale

Linkedin | Twitter | Google+

Thanks to these fantastic bloggers and experts who shared their thoughts on some of the best content marketing blogs! These blogs should be able to help you come up with the best content marketing techniques for your business.

About Kostas Chiotis

Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

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