How To Spy Your Competitors To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Your business is likely not the first in its niche to try guest posting as a marketing strategy. In fact, many of your competitors have probably already completed campaigns in the past. Thankfully, their previous efforts can be a great way for you to find more guest posting opportunities that are extremely relevant to your company.

By spying your competitors backlink profile, you can easily find many guest posting opportunities. This sneaky shortcut can save you not only time and effort, but can provide insight into the blogs that you can’t afford to skip with your guest post submissions.

Free Tools for Spying Competitors Backlink Profile

There are a number of free tools that you can use to find proven guest posting opportunities. These tools will scan through the internet and their link databases to discover many of the links pointing to the website you’re spying. Most of these free tools are simple to use and can provide a good number of leads about potential guest posting opportunities.

  • SEO SpyGlassSEO SpyGlass is a powerful desktop application that allows you to dig deep into your competitors’ backlinks. It can provide a wealth of knowledge about links, including anchor text and social shares. With the free version of SEO SpyGlass, you’re able to see up to an impressive 1,100 results for each website.
  • Backlink WatchBacklink Watch is a simple-to-use website that provides you straight-forward results. It doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of more advanced checkers, but you can freely find results for any webpage within seconds.
  • Small SEO ToolsOne more free resource that can help you find your competitor’s guest posts is Small SEO Tools. Just like Backlink Watch, this website offers a limited quantity of results, but can be a great free way to quickly round up more potential guest posting opportunities.

Finding More with Paid Tools

If you are really serious about analyzing how your competitors are handling their guest blogging campaigns, you can use any of a number of paid backlink checkers to generate maximum results. These platforms generally offer not only link information, but also detailed analytical information about where the links are coming from and other aspects of a site’s backlink sprofile. These can be used for more complex backlink mining techniques.

  • Ahrefs Ahrefs is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive backlink checkers out there. It will provide you with data and analytics across a wide spectrum of areas and offers some of the most results per search of any service on the market. There is a free version which provides analytical data, but only shows the first ten backlink results.
  • Majestic SEOSimilar to Ahrefs, Majestic SEO offers tons of analytical data based on a site’s backlinks. There have a similarly large database of links, although not quite to the extent of Ahrefs. Majestic SEO’s free version also offers only ten results per search.
  • SEO SpyGlassSEO SpyGlass makes it onto the paid list as well because of the powerful reach of its paid version. Recently, the backlink checker added 15 trillion more links to its database. With the paid version you are allowed access to an unlimited number of results, as well as easy options for exporting lists of backlinks. Also, unlike other paid backlink checkers, SEO SpyGlass requires a one-time expenditure instead of monthly fees.
  • Open Site ExplorerOpen Site Explorer is part of the suite of tools offered by Moz. Its free version is limited to just 50 results, but the paid one offers an unlimited number of links for each search, as well as access to the rest of Moz’s SEO platforms.

By researching your competitors and seeing where they’ve successfully landed guest posting opportunities, you can get a better look at the blogs in your niche that you should target. Backlink profile checkers don’t only provide guest posting links, however, so a little bit of due diligence may be needed sorting through results.

With a little time and effort though, spying your competitors’ backlink profiles will give you a heads up on their proven campaign practices and cut down on your research and implementation time.

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