Signs That Your Infographic Will Fail


Infographics are extremely effective tools for link building and increasing social shares. They have the unique ability to deliver snack worthy content in small digestible pieces. If you have a large chunk of data that you need to get across to a user without the yawn factor, then Infographics are the way to go.

As the visual movement continues to gain traction, everyone is scrambling to deliver trendy content that is known to provide effective results. Not everyone however is cut out to pull off this task as effortlessly as others seem to do.

You Didn’t Include Reliable Data Sources

None of the bells and whistles you add to make the graphic look great are going to help you if you don’t have an authentic data source for your Infographics. If you deliver information but haven’t provided proof of its authenticity then your Infographic will be shot down and disappear.

Finding a data source isn’t as complex as it seems. The best thing you can do is find blogs and articles that pertain to your subject and follow the rail back to where they received information from. These breadcrumbs will ultimately lead you to the real source which you can confidently cite in your Infographics.

You Didn’t Find the Right Designer

If you aren’t taking on the design ask yourself then you’ll need to get in touch with a designer. Aesthetics are an entirely subjective concept and while you can’t please everyone, you can try to please a majority.

When selecting your designer ask them for some sample work that they’ve done before and hash out the details of what’s going to go on your Infographic. Sites like Dribble and Behance are great resources for designers that you can hire to create Infographics.

Failure to Plan

Between the research and data collection and the design phase there is one crucial step that you just cannot miss. Each bite sized fact should be followed by another and the flow of this information should be entirely natural.

One great way of making sure that your Infographic strikes the right balance between being too light or too data heavy is to keep your points at 6. These 6 data points should be connected in an organic manner and the information should contribute to the title in question.

You Didn’t Create an Infographic

Now this may sound confusing since the formula to creating one is fairly simple. Finding the right information and displaying it in a visually appealing way. Unfortunately there are a lot of examples out there that are presented similar to Infographics but are in fact just lists, bullets, or features.

When creating an Infographic make sure that your design complements the data provided and enhances the information. Your ultimate goal is to get the data across to the user.

You Didn’t Get a Second Opinion

We all suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to the things we create. We either tend to refuse to accept criticism or finding nonexistent errors in it. Either way, it cannot be good or your ultimate goal. A second opinion will help steer your mind in a new direction that you didn’t consider before.

If you’re going to publish the Infographic on a particular site then it’s always great to stay in touch with the blog or website owner. This way they will be involved in the design process and will be able to guide you about the kind of content that tends to gain success on the blog.

Failure to Market the Infographic

Now that you’ve made your Infographic, you would want some reputable blogs to publish it. The problem here is that these bloggers will be focusing on creating unique copy for it. Google’s crawlers on the other hand will probably not land on your Infographic even if you’ve used the right keywords. A good way of making sure this doesn’t happen is by adding “Infographic” to the end of the title so it shows up in image searches.

In Conclusion

When creating and marketing your Infographics, you need to understand that these two tasks require the same amount of dedication and work. The entire process doesn’t simply end once you’ve generated a jpeg but rather starts the beginning of a new journey. Get in touch with us and let us rid you of all your infographics-related woes. We guarantee that you will find our Infographics Promotion Service to your satisfaction.


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