Uncover One Of The Internet’s Best Kept Secrets – Receive High-Quality Links, More Traffic & Increased Levels Of Online Exposure”


In the 21st century, sharing has shaped the online landscape and we’d like to mold you deeper into that landscape by offering you the chance to utilize one of the most undervalued content marketing strategies available – infographics promotion.

google-jawsIn 2013, more businesses than ever have fallen into Google’s unforgiving jaws and that’s because they’re not doing SEO or indeed any form of online marketing the right way.

Businesses need to keep up with the times – What worked well a couple of years ago now has a negative impact on their websites. Refusal to adapt to the ever-evolving world of internet marketing will only result in failure.

social-media-world1With so much of the world wide web consumed with Social Media, it comes as no surprise that it’s hugely important to be involved and that’s why a successful Infographics Promotion can be mightily effective.

Not only will your website benefit from the high quality links that come hand in hand with all our Infographics Promotional Campaigns but you’ll break into a previously unavailable untapped source of laser-targeted traffic that’s bound to love what you’re selling.

Best of all, the competition, they don’t know just how powerful this is yet.

It’s advanced SEO/Content Marketing at its finest and your competitors won’t of had an invitation to join this elitist club – This leaves the door wide open for you to enter and claim a larger share of the market.

A share you thoroughly deserve.

In Summary…

  • You’ll move up the search engines like there’s no tomorrow as your site benefits from trustworthy, high quality links.

  • Your promotions will see hyper-targeted visitors flock to your website from a variety of sources.

  • Your eye-catching content will be shared and linked to many times over via social networking.

  • Your online credibility, your reputation and your brand will significantly benefit from running a campaign that your competitors won’t

Why Choose Iris Signal's

From the moment you come to us with your infographic to the moment we finish promoting your business, everything we do is created to achieve maximum response from your target audience.

We know your audience, we understand them, we empathize with them and we then structure your campaign around their needs so that your infographics promotion realizes your online ambitions.

Iris Signals experience in promoting infographics ensures that your campaign catches the eye of as many prospects as possible and with that, you won’t just benefit from a rise up the search engines – you’ll captivate a new fan base too.

And because we’re a fully fledged provider of premium content-driven marketing services, you can use us with confidence in the knowledge that your work isn’t being outsourced cheaply to sloppy freelancers.

As the original and best in our chosen fields, plenty of top class SEO/Marketing Agencies use us as their chosen provider.

We’re always happy to talk with clients about white-box solutions – Outstanding quality, lively support and discretion is all part of the Iris Signals package.

*Please note :- we currently don’t create the infographic itself.

infographics-signEach and every campaign is different and that’s why we create bespoke packages that meet your businesses specific needs and demands.

Whilst a lot does depend on the initial infographic, you can typically expect to see a healthy boost up the SERP’s as your business name starts to feature on leading websites all over the world.

This delivers authoritative link juice to your site and it’s this kind of link juice that Google absolutely loves to reward – a natural increase in search engine traffic follows.

Our talented promotions team ensure that you’re well equipped and ready to benefit from Social Media traffic.

Appealing to the kind of customers you love to have is the key here and we’ll be on hand to offer guidance at every turn so that you’re with us, watching your business benefit every step of the way.


A “one size fits all” pricing scheme doesn’t work in content marketing because the quantity, scale and metrics of every project differ hugely from business to business.

We consider ourselves to be a hugely affordable provider of premium services due to the fact that we’re not resellers (who add hefty margins for themselves).

With that, we invite you to submit your email address below and once that’s done, we’ll send you some estimates that you can work with before we discuss your project further…