Highly Relevant, Invaluable Guest Posts That Will Boost Your Online Exposure, Sky Rocket Your Credibility & Show The Search Engines You Mean Business”

We strongly recommend to not use guest blogging as a stand alone service with the only goal to build links for SEO.

You need a complete content marketing strategy with guest blogging being a part of it if you want to achieve long term results, contact us to see what is best for your own business and let us create a unique content marketing strategy according to your business needs and goals

The days of being able to rely on quantity of links as opposed to quality are officially over.

Guest Posting Service

Google (and every other search engine for that matter) are only getting smarter and they’re ready to raise their iron fist and punish any site that doesn’t meet their ridiculously high standards.

For you, that potentially means less online visibility, a massive reduction in search engine exposure and of course, reduced sales.

But it absolutely doesn’t have to be this way and whilst many sites will continue to sink further and further down the search engine ladder due to their inability to “get with the times”, 5% of sites will continue to prosper and dramatically increase their share of the lucrative online market.

We want you to be in the 5% and that’s why we created our Guest Posting service – It’s high quality content combined with sound marketing principles and for you, that means sustainable results that you can count on time and time again.

Guest Posting in a NutshellGuest Posting In A Nutshell

It’s the best inbound marketing strategy around…

  • Quality Links – That Google LOVES

  • Natural Links – Reducing the chance of your site being penalised

  • Boost Traffic – Reach an entirely new legion of fans

  • Social Media – Collect more Facebook fans & Twitter followers

  • Everybody Wins – Your website surges up the search engines, the blog owner gets engaging content and the reader leaves happy with more information

Why Guest Posting?

It’s no secret that Google has always rewarded websites with quality links but it’s only recently that it has become the be all and end all.

seo-250x250In the recent past, sites with a high volume of low quality links have still been able to achieve respectable SEO results but that’s really not the case any more and actually, these kind of links are likely to be doing your site more harm than good.

The solution?

High quality content marketing strategies that will earn you high quality relevant links and will stand the test of time.

But for many, this is an “easier said than done” solution.

Guest Posting is hugely beneficial but it’s also highly labor intensive and requires a completely different skill set that the vast majority of so-called “SEO experts” don’t possess.

Thankfully, we’ve created an affordable way to attain the kind of results your business needs to keep ahead of the competition.

Tailored to your businesses precise needs, our exclusive Guest Posting service allows you to take a hands off approach to content marketing and just enjoy the fruits of an expanded online reach.

Here’s what we do for you :-

The Blogs Themselves

High Quality LinksWe only want to deliver the finest quality guest posts and that’s why our process starts with our team of experts analyzing the suitability of various blogs and then selecting the ones that best suit your needs.

Building Relations

We work hard to establish prosperous, long term relations and this starts from the moment we get in touch to brainstorm and nurture your content strategy.

It’s Not All About The Links

Whilst earning high quality links for your business website is at the forefront of our minds, we also improve your results by finding laser-targeted blogs to publish on in order to directly increase traffic.

The Content

We use a team of writers experts on their field to make the blogs post on your behalf and their engaging content ensures that the guest posts do your business justice.

Strict Quality Control

Throughout the guest posting process you’ll find our team keeping a close eye on proceedings every step of the way – if something doesn’t meet our high standards, it doesn’t make it out the door.

Why Choose Iris Signal's

  • Research – we find the best blogs

  • Networking – we deal with blog owners on your behalf

  • Experienced – we’ve been doing this since before Guest Posting became popular

  • Results – we wouldn’t be here now if we didn’t have a proven track record of delivering

  • Affordable – we’re not resellers, we’re the guys the resellers use


Prices are created in a bespoke manner due to the fact that every business has different requirements.

Packages will be created based on your required blog metrics and monthly volume of posts.

As much as we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, we also consider ourselves to be hugely competitive on price – Rolls Royce services at VW prices is how we’d describe ourselves.

If you’re an DigMarketing Agency looking to outsource work to a knowledgeable and reliable team then we’d love to hear from you. Go here for more details!

We offer confidential, white box solutions that will meet your clients demands and have them hungry for more.

You can get a basic idea of costing by sending us a quick email below – we’ll follow up in seconds with an up to date pricelist for you to peruse…