Your Business Is Missing A Painfully Simple Trick That Will Substantially Boost Your Reputation & Credibility As Well As Your Position In The Search Engines”

Blog Management

In the world of SEO & Content Marketing, it’s not always the simplest ideas that work best but in this case, an exception can be made.

The likes of overly complicated linkbuilding, content farming and various other SEO strategies are continuously preached as necessities but the reality is quite different.

Google is smarter than ever and they now spot these unnatural, unimaginative campaigns from a mile off and when they do, hours of time and huge amounts of money whistle down the drain.

diceOnline marketing doesn’t have to be a gamble – there are still fast, affordable ways to move your site up the search engines without rolling the proverbial dice.

Simple to set up, easy to maintain and immediate benefits – it could only be Blog Management from Iris Signals…

Blog Management in a Nutshell

Blog Management In A Nutshell

All savvy business people know that it’s the relationship you have with your customers that keeps you in business year after year.

It’s not your rock bottom prices, it’s not your beautifully designed website and it’s not even your outstanding customer service.

Of course all these factors contribute towards your success but when all is said and done, people part with their hard earned money because they trust you’re the right business to help them find a solution to their problem.

That trust is built through your businesses personality, your rapport with your customers and your already impressive reputation.

Boost any of the above and you’re going to make more money – it’s that simple.

And it’s this sort of boost that our blog management provides…

We create high quality, informative content that presents you as the authority in your industry and this alone gives you a significant edge over your competition…

Get Started Today…

So, your companies blog is in place but it’s currently lacking high caliber content – at this moment in time, it’s actually doing you more harm than good.

You and your team are probably too busy doing the tasks you do best so we’ll leave you it but in the meantime, Iris Signals is here, ready and waiting to do what we do best.

We’re ready to run the hard miles so you don’t have too.

From the moment you partner with us, we start planning a monthly editorial.

We suggest topics that we know your customer base would be interested in reading and it’s only once we’ve been given the green light from you that we start the writing process.

content-is-kingContent has and always will be king and that’s why unlike other content marketing firms, we only use experienced business bloggers.

These talented wordsmiths know how to create posts that instantly boost your authority and as we always strive to create content that stands out as the most informative on your chosen subjects, additional, valuable links from sites syndicating your content become part of the parcel.

Essentially, every time you post blogs of high quality, you’re doing something Google loves.

And as a thanks, they’ll increase your online visibility.

Whether you need just five company blog posts a month or fifty, we have the resources available to quickly increase brand awareness and boost your credibility.

Why Choose Iris Signal's

Our bespoke blog management services allow you to be as involved as you like – hands on or hands off, we deliver results either way.

Our extensive experience in the world of business blogging allows us to create informative, high value content for your current customers and prospects that you’ll be delighted to be associated with.

We carefully research your industry, your business, your customers and even your competitors to establish topics of conversation that will be most beneficial to both you and your buyers.

We then come to you with those ideas and ask for your input.

Anything you like gets written, anything you don’t like is put to one side and replaced with improved suggestions – nothing is published until you’re 100% satisfied.

What truly separates us from the rest of the chasing pack is our ornate ability to devise engaging, entertaining content day after day, month after month, year after year.

Because we only use native English speakers and because we only use writers with a proven track record in commercial writing, you’re getting a service that isn’t just designed to attract links.

We’re not interested in creating mundane content – we know that you’re paid directly in accordance to the value you bring to the marketplace and with that, we even offer premium 2,000-3,000 word blog posts that will leave your competition in the dust.

NetworkingAdditionally, we can network on your behalf and build desirable online relationships that can further enhance your results.

Finding blog owners in your industry and organising mutually beneficial joint ventures surrounding your content is an under appreciated way to increase traffic and we’ll happily assist you in exploring this massive opportunity.

Our fast, immaculate customer service and dedication to providing only the best in blog management to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries makes dealing with the day to day runnings of your blog a pleasure and never a chore.

Prices & Packages

Because no two business blogs have the same needs, we offer customized pricing and packages that are created depending on your companies needs.

Because you’re dealing with a genuine provider of content marketing services (and not a reseller) we offer some of the most competitive pricing on the web which leaves you with plenty of room to find a healthy return on your investment.

We’re always happy to work with SEO/Marketing Agencies and our range of discreet, high quality white-box solutions will no doubt have your clients coming back for more time and time again.

A commitment of just five blog posts a month is enough to get you started and if you’d like a better idea of how our pricing structure works then simply pop your email address in below…