7 Ways To Reinvent Your Content Marketing And Win

Is your site content stale, stagnant and dull? Content seems static, but in reality it is fluid and dynamic. The appeal of different pieces of content changes over time as business conditions evolve. Don’t worry, you can reinvent and reinvigorate your existing content with these seven tips.

Write for People And Semantic Search

Not that long ago, marketers attempted to rank high in the search engines by using keyword-based articles, blog posts and other content. However, as Google has revised and refined their search engine algorithm over time, keywords by themselves are not enough. If you have content that is overly “keyword focused,” it should be revised to appeal to humans and semantic search. That means making it more natural and conversational.

Semantic search refers to a technique used by Google and other search engines that does not rely on keywords alone, but seeks to figure out the intent and meaning of words in context. It uses language semantics to try to understand the search phrase and pull relevant documents that correspond with the meaning of the words, not just the individual words themselves. In other words, write for people and don’t worry about keywords as much.

Track, Test and Measure

You should be measuring your content to determine if it is successful in helping you achieve your marketing goals. There are a number of tools you can utilize to test your content, but Google Analytics remains the stalwart in this area. It provides a tremendous amount of data at no cost.

The first indicator you want to test is your overall traffic. However, traffic numbers are not enough. Google and other search engines now consider the “time on page” metric as well.

Another area you want to track is the number of downloads people are accessing from your site. Perhaps you’re offering free reports in order to develop your mailing list, or you might provide free software like apps.

Simple A/B testing can tell you a tremendous amount about the content you are producing. You can use tools like Google Content Experiments or Visual Website Optimizer.

What can you test with the A/B method? Test the copy, policies and procedures, page speed, load times as well as the placement of copy, graphic and design elements.

Add Visual Content

The web is becoming a visual content delivery system. You must include visual content like images, photos, graphics and infographics in both standalone posts as well as in combination with text and video.

You can utilize your graphic images not only on your own site but in your Facebook photo page, Pinterest pin board and Instagram photos. Make sure these social media posts are linked back to your site for further traffic flow.

Vary Content Length

It’s also important to vary the length of your content. The trick is to write enough to cover the topic and no more. People often ask how long a piece of content should be. The answer is that it should be as long as it needs to cover the subject and answer relevant questions for the reader.

Often writers overwrite and include too much information. More commonly, they don’t offer enough information. Keep in mind that Google now values longer, more in-depth articles and guides and will tend to rank those resources higher. They know it helps web searchers find the information they want.

Make Content Mobile-Ready

The sale of mobile devices recently passed desktop computer sales. Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices to get content they previously only accessed on their desktop computers. This is partially due to the continuing strong sales for smart phones but also the rise of tablet computers.

That means your content should be revised to display well on mobile devices. For example, many websites have turned to responsive themes that shrink and change size depending on the size of various screens, from smartphones to wall display monitors.

Produce More Content

More than likely, you are not producing enough content! Even more important, you are not producing enough in-depth content. As content marketing evolves, brands and products find they can attract viewers, readers and customers by producing their own content. No longer do they have to rely on commercial media to get their message out to customers.

That means that your content is not only competing with top-notch content provided by traditional media, you are competing with the biggest and well-known brands in the world. Take time to produce content that is in-depth, useful and productive for the reader. As an expert in your field, you should be offering viewers a different insight and more detailed information than they can find from big brands and media.

Vary Your Content With Different Types of Content

One simple way you can reinvent your content is to offer it in a different media. If you have blog post that is effective for your readers, why not turn that into an audio podcast? If you have audio podcasts that are seeing success, create short videos with the same content.

If you have videos that are doing well on YouTube and other video sharing sites, turn that content into slide decks that you can provide via sites like SlideShare. The point is that people have different learning styles and will respond to different media.

Narrow Your Site’s Content Focus

One of the challenges that you’ll have on your website is to constantly deliver a consistent value proposition. When websites operate without an editorial calendar or content marketing strategy, they tend to offer content that does not fit their value proposition.

You must first determine the value proposition that you offer your target market. After that, every graphic, menu item, design element, piece of copy, navigational element, color choice and creative element must all follow your value proposition. By keeping this focus, you eliminate confusion and weak content. Your value “offer” is clear and marketing messages are effective.

You’ve made a healthy investment in your current content. Don’t despair if it has lost its luster. Use these tactics to refresh each blog post, article and video to make it shine again, pulling in new prospects, sales and profit. In case you don’t have the time to do all that then we can help you create a complete content marketing strategy, just ask us how 🙂

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Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

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  1. Great article! I definitely agree that varied content is important – and super easy to do! I like to repurpose content to this end, I think it’s a great way to take content that’s already doing really well and make it appeal to a larger audience too!

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