Promoting Your Guest Posts for Maximum Success

Even after a guest post is published, your work on it is far from done. Most guest bloggers would simply consider the post a victory and move on to the next target. The savvy guest blogger won’t be so satisfied. Instead, they’ll spend the time needed to properly promote their guest posts. This benefits everyone involved and is a major part of generating great results from your efforts.

Why You Need to Promote Your Guest Post

You should be treating your guest posts just as you would an entry on your company’s blog. Rather than posting the articles and hoping that people will find them, you need to get out and promote your writing to your target audience. Sure, the blog you’re posting on will have regular readers and the site owner will likely be promoting your post, but is that enough? Not if you’re looking for results.

  1. More views means more exposure for your company. Unless you’re blogging solely to build relationships with bloggers in your industry, your guest post campaign is about increasing your business’ exposure. Regardless of whether you’re trying to showcase your expertise to potential customers or just wanting to drive traffic to your website, the more people that see your guest post the better.
  2. It impresses bloggers and helps them get traffic. Site owners accept guest posts for their blogs because they’re trying to provide useful content to their readers and ultimately increase their following. By promoting your guest posts, you’re also helping them promote the blogs they are posted on. Blog owners love this extra push, and will be more likely to accept your articles in the future.
  3. Showcase your activities and keep current fans engaged. You should also be promoting your posts to keep your current fans and customers engaged. Posting new content, especially across various platforms, helps keep your business relevant to customers. Want to stay fresh in their minds? Promoting your posts get you back into the front of their minds.

Effective Means of Promotion

It’s not only crucial that you promote your guest posts; you also need to be sure you’re promoting them in the right places. Here are a few key ways to promote your posts:

  • Social Media – Social media is one of the hottest ways to share and promote content right now. Span your efforts across all of the major networks. Post key snippets out of your posts on Twitter, link attractive images through Pinterest, and share your links and summaries with fans and followers on Facebook and Google+.
  • Your Company’s Blog – Don’t forget that you have a great method of promotion right at your fingertips – your company’s own blog. Even if your guest posts are meant to drive traffic back to your website, promoting them via your blog can help convince potential customers of your expertise and authority in your field. It can also make other bloggers happy to get backlinks from your site.
  • Link Other Guests Posts – There’s nothing stopping you from including links to your guest posts within the other posts that you’re writing. Unless, of course, their guest post guidelines page prohibits links. In today’s SEO environment though, most successful blog owners understand the value of relevant links. Only include links to your other posts if they’re highly relevant to the article you’re writing – never include them for the sole purpose of promoting your other posts.

Promoting your guests posts is a vital step in your guest blogging campaign. You would never spend your time and resources building a great website and then not share it with anyone. Your guest posts should be the same way. With all of the efforts you’ve put into developing your campaign so fair, failing to promote your guest posts will significantly hinder your progress and overall results.

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