Measuring the Success of Your Blog

When it comes to content marketing, the numbers aren’t very evident to the naked eye in terms of efficiency, leads, and ROI. One thing is for sure – blogs are definitely one of the most successful content marketing techniques used in order to gain followers and increase conversion rates.

Measuring the success of a blog, however, can be done through other ways to gauge the aspects that need more work and the ones that need to be dropped.

Page Views and Comments

These are rather straightforward statistics that show you just how effective your blog has been in terms of reach and engagement. This is the simplest metric used in order to measure the success of a post. It typically tells you how many users have viewed the blog post. This simple page view count however doesn’t really show whether or not the user stayed on the page to go through the entire content or whether they moved on after the first paragraph.

In addition, it doesn’t even take any of the qualitative aspects into consideration which includes whether or not the users liked the content. One way to gauge the average reaction to your post includes reading through the comments. A high number of comments will indicate that engagement was high whereas the positive or negative flow of these comments will show whether or not it provided users with value.


If you add a Call to Action (CTA) in your blog post, it can serve as a great way to gauge whether the message contained within the content was received by the user. The number of clicks within that call to action link will be a great metric to use when calculating the leads generated from the post.

Success by Author

If you have a larger corporate blog with multiple authors, you will need to gauge the overall success of your blog relative to their contributions.

The overall performance of the blog will be attributed to the multiple strengths and weaknesses that the authors will bring to the table. A breakdown of the statistics will allow you to focus on the popular authors.

Additional Variables

There are multiple factors that contribute to the success of a blog post. These indicators must then be modified in case of success or failure. This includes assessing the success of the blog post according to the time posted. Whether you posted your blog in the morning, afternoon or the evening, the success of the blog post will reflect the viewing habits of your users and will convey to you the best times to upload new content.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Dashboard is a dear friend of many webmasters. Data obtained from Google Analytics can provide you with valuable information such as the most popular posts, when the blog post behaved like a landing page, the total number of readers reached, and the channels that drive blog reads.


The total number of subscribers to your blog is an effective measurement tool, which can be used in order to gauge the blog’s success. This can be done through simple testing.

Calculate when the increase in subscribers took place and when users tended to unsubscribe. Compare that with the content posted and draw parallels in the content that tends to be unpopular as compared to the one that gains users.

Inbound Links

This is where the importance of delivering quality content comes into play. If your content has information that provides value to the user, they would want to cite the content. This will lead to a shared link of your blog post. This inbound link will help increase rankings on search results.

Inbound links can be tricky to obtain since there is no way to actually control the links made to your content. There is also no telling whether SEO credit will be passed on in such an event. This is why it is important to monitor inbound links.

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About Kostas Chiotis

Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

  1. Kostas,

    Completely agree that it’s super important that we know how well our blogs are performing. If you owned a restaurant you’d listen to your customers reviews, count your tips, and count the tills to judge what you’re ROI is, so why not do so on a blog? Great post, thanks!

    – Sarah

  2. Hi Kostas,
    Thank you for the detailed commentary regarding blog metrics. In PR, measurement has always been a finger in the wind exercise. It’s hard enough trying to convince people that blogging is necessary, but by showing not only that metrics are possible but also how the metrics should be segmented opens yet another window on this world. Measurement has become such a key element of the digital environment and every initiative to educate individuals and businesses .

    Thanks a ton for sharing this informative and valuable post with us.
    Great work!!

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