The Importance Of The Links You Use On Guest Posts

The success of your guest blogging campaign is going to be directly related to the type of  the landing pages readers will visit after they click your links. Using the wrong pages, can mean poor results regardless of the amount of traffic you gain. By using landing pages best suited for your business type, you can maximize the increase in revenue you experience from your guest blogging efforts.

Why Is It Important To Use The Right Landing Pages?

The selection of the landing pages is an important part of your guest blogging campaign because you need to focus on driving your traffic towards a single goal. This could be anything from signing visitors up for your email list to proving your expertise in your field. Without the right landing page, you’re throwing the people who click through to your website into a free-for-all with no instruction on what they should do next. Landing pages help guide them in the direction you choose.

Landing Pages for Service Providers

For service providers, the best types of landing pages for your guest blogging campaign are ones that provide solutions to the problems that your customers are facing. In essence, you’re explaining how the various services you provide can help readers. With a powerful call-to-action, this can be a great source of lead generation for your business.

Using an informative, resourceful blog post as your landing page also provides you with a level of expertise in the eyes of your potential customers. If you’re bringing in targeted traffic from guest posts on authority blogs within your niche, this approach can greatly increase revenue.

Linking to a comprehensive blog post as your landing page can also result in your organic traffic growing considerably. Google and the other major search engines love informative content. With links from industry-leading websites, your landing pages can rank well in the search results – a feat that would be much more difficult using your services page.

When it comes to search engine rankings, Google has recently given another reason to link your guest posts to an informative page on your website. The search giant recently announced that they were going to be cracking down on websites conducting “spammy” guest blogging campaigns whose sole purpose is to build backlinks. By detecting unnatural linking, Google plans to penalize offending websites in the search results. Avoid linking directly to sales pages in order to steer clear of any potential penalties.

Another Strategy to Build Your List

On top of resourceful landing pages, many service providers can drum up leads by offering visitors a free gift. Popular giveaway ideas include:

  • Detailed report / case study
  • Comprehensive eBook
  • Online course
  • Video seminar

If you’re focusing your landing page around providing something to your readers in order to build your list, it’s crucial to tailor the page to the article the traffic is coming from. If your guest post is about improving a website’s search rankings, the landing page should offer more comprehensive coverage of the same topic.

What about Ecommerce Businesses?

For ecommerce businesses, guest blogging campaigns should primarily be used as a way to increase brand awareness and expose yourself to potential customers. In most instances, ecommerce websites should use their home page as the landing site for their guest blogging traffic. Linking to individual product pages can suffer the same fate with Google as service pages, and should be avoided.

Many successful ecommerce companies utilizing guest blogging create landing pages which are quite similar to their standard homepage, but are customized for the source of their traffic. For example, a website selling photography equipment may create a nature-themed landing page for visitors from a guest post on a blog for outdoor photographers.

Despite the fact that ecommerce websites might rarely use a blog post as a landing page, having a blog is still important. Not only can it build trust between your website and customers, but it can also be used to link to within the context of your guest posts. This can help reinforce the quality of your campaign in the eyes of the search engines.

Choosing a landing page based on the type of business you run is important if you want to magnify your campaign’s results. Using the wrong type of landing page can turn even the best-planned campaign into a waste of time. By taking advantage of proven strategies, you can take full advantage of the traffic your guest posts are generating for your business’ website.

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