How To Write The Perfect Guest Post

After going through the work of contacting blog owners and having your pitches approved, you want to make sure that your guest posts count. To have the most impact on your business, they should be informative, well-written, and provide real value to readers. You can’t just stop there, though. Your posts also need to be beneficial to both the blogger and to you.

It may sound hard to write a great guest post, buy luckily there are some proven methods for creating amazing content.

Pay Attention to Guidelines

Before you even start writing, you should make sure that you have a good understanding of what the blogger is looking for. Read through the site’s guest post guidelines one more time and follow all of the rules throughout your guest post. Also, look back through some of the most popular posts on the blog to get a sense of the tone and style that the blogger (and their readers) prefers.

Write to the Blogger’s Audience

Once you know what the site owner is looking for, you need to next appeal to the readers. Every blog is going to have its own unique group of followers. Understand the target reader that the blog appeals to. You should then use this information to write your post as if you were speaking directly to them and their interests.

Also Write to Your Goals

With all of the strategies and guidelines for writing guest posts, it’s easy to lose track of why you’re doing this in the first place – to achieve the goals of your guest blogging campaign. Think about your specific goals before writing and use them to guide your article. This doesn’t mean creating content that is spammy, but instead produce top-quality writing that benefits everyone.

Use Simple Words

Readers are looking for information that is easy to both read and understand. Too often, guest post writers forget that readers don’t understand the topics as well as they do. They then use confusing terms or lingo. When you’re writing, avoid using complex sentences and long, confusing words. Instead, write like you’re trying to explain the subject to a fifth-grader.

Incorporate Subtitles and Bullet Points

Nobody likes to read giant blocks of text. When writing your guest posts, focus on breaking up the content into smaller sections and bullet points. These are much more easily digested by readers. They also provide structure to your article and keep your writing on track.

Link to Other Posts on the Target Blogs

Bloggers love guest posts that add value to their blog. One great way to make your article more attractive to both blog owners and readers is to link to other posts on the target blogs. This gives readers more in-depth knowledge on certain points of your post, and also encourages them to stay reading on the blog longer. Don’t just link for the purpose of linking, however. Make sure that any links are truly adding value for the blog’s readers.

Link to Guest Posts You’ve Written on Other Blogs

In most guest posts, linking to guest posts you’re written on other blogs is also a great way to offer additional information to readers. It also promotes your content more effectively and helps establish your expertise on the topic. Be careful to understand each blog’s policy on article links and be sure to not overuse them.

Make Your Closing Paragraph Matter

Your closing paragraph is what brings your entire article together. It’s also your last chance to encourage and motivate readers to engage with your post. A great closing paragraph should sum up the key concepts of your article and focus on what the reader should be taking away from your post.

The quality of your guest post is hugely important when it comes to the success of your guest blogging campaign. You need to make sure your articles fit the style and needs of the blogger, appeal and help the readers, and also promote the goals of your campaign.

A lot of different parts go into making the perfect article, and you should take the time to make sure that each guest submission incorporates all of them to see the greatest results. Skipping on any of them could mean a big negative impact on your results, making it important to be thorough and complete when writing your guest posts.

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