How to Best Use Guest Blogging to Boost SEO Results

Guest blogging campaigns offer powerful benefits for companies of any size, and in any niche. For some business owners focused on their SEO results, guest blogging is seen as an opportunity to increase search engine rankings. If you’re creating a campaign just to get backlinks, your method may be flawed. Although guest blogging can deliver serious link juice to your website, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of your campaign nor your only link building initiative.

Consider the Focus of Your Campaign

In theory, guest posting for the sake of getting backlinks makes sense. Your site’s address will be placed on relevant authority sites in your niche, passing authority on to your webpage. In practice, however, this should only be a part of your link building tactics, and needs to be used properly and carefully. Google has recently announced that they’re cracking down on websites who use “spam” guest blogging campaigns to litter low-quality blogs with useless posts. If you’re not handling your efforts methodically following proven steps, you risk facing SEO penalties.

Like this article on guest blogging goals explained, guest blogging campaigns can be a means to reach a variety of different goals, with attaining links from relevant industry websites being one of them. It should never, though, be the only reason behind your campaign.

Don’t Link Guest Posts to Your Products or Services Page

If you’re going to be using guest blogging to gain links to your website from authority blogs, it’s important that you have practical information to help visitors. Linking to your company’s product or service pages may put traffic face-to-face with what you have to offer, but it provides them with very little value. Additionally, links to these pages can easily appear irregular to Google, resulting in penalties to your website’s rankings.

Develop a Lead-Generating Blog

Your company needs to develop an informative, useful blog on your website to serve as the target of the backlinks in your guest posts. The blog posts on your website should provide knowledge and solutions for the problems that readers interested in your services or products would face. These resourceful articles should act as the landing pages for your guest blogging campaign, and should be written to encourage lead generation. The posts need to be extremely relevant to the topics of your guests article, and should be focused on the keywords someone would use to search for that type of problem.

Tips for Your Guest Posts

In order to gain the maximum results with your posts, it’s crucial that you take the time to make sure they’re relevant and authoritative in the eyes of the search engines. There are a few steps you can take to bring your guests post up to the top performance level such as:

  • Refer to Authority Sites – Throughout the body of your guest posts, link to relevant high-authority websites within your industry. Rather than solely aiming traffic towards your website, this provides more beneficial information to readers and appears more useful according to Google.
  • Use Images and Videos – Search engines love websites that use media. Your guest posts should contain pictures and videos whenever possible. This will upgrade the post’s authority which will in turn be passed on to your site.
  • Link to Your Informative Content – Whether it’s in the body of your article or in the byline, the link you place back to your website should be to an informative page. Google calculates the relevancy of linked websites when determining how useful an article is – linking to a poor-quality page on your site can negate all your hard work.

If used as part of a broader link building campaign, guest blogging can provide effective backlinks to your website. If done incorrectly, though, your website may face penalties from new Google algorithms. Gaining SEO results should not be the only goal of your campaign, however, and needs to be done appropriately to garner positive results. By creating informative guest articles that educate readers and lead them back to useful information on your blog, you can help improve your site’s rankings.

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Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

  1. Hi Kostas,

    I really liked the “don’t link to products/service page” point and sadly, most clients fail to understand this.

    • You are right Chitraparna, we need to educate clients on what is best for their business long term and before they even start any guest blogging campaign they should have in place a lead generation strategy using their blogs instead of just building links on their service pages. Of course many clients just don’t get it…

  2. Well done, Kostas. I didn’t know the one about high authority links.

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