How To Measure If Your Guest Post Campaign Was A Success

After everything is said and done, the effectiveness of your guest post campaign can be measured by comparing your results to the specific goals you set early on in your campaign’s preparation. While some goals are easy to measure, such as getting traffic or generating leads, others are not. In fact, goals such as networking and building relationships with industry bloggers, or establishing expertise in your field, can be difficult to measure with numerical targets.

Networking and Building RelationshipsOne of the most difficult goals to measure is whether you’ve been able to successfully network and build relationships with leading bloggers in your industry. Starting out your guest blogging campaign, you should have identified a list of relevant site owners that you were targeting. Building a strong relationship takes time, often longer than a single guest post.

When measuring your results, an easy way to determine whether or not you’ve been successful with your networking is whether or not the blogger is open to additional guest posts from you. If so, and you maintain regular communication with them, then you’re campaign has likely achieved its desired results.

Establishing ExpertiseJust as with the previous goal, whether or not you’ve established expertise in your field can be difficult to measure. Often these resourceful blog posts are intended to be used for “bragging” to your clients, or for showing potential customers that you are highly knowledgeable in your field and capable of solving the problems they’re facing.

  • Are you generating a positive response from your guest blogging efforts?
  • Are your posts the most complete and explanatory resources on their topics?

If you’re able to answer yes to both of these questions, you should consider your campaign a success.

Getting Traffic and Increasing Brand AwarenessHas your guest blogging campaign created an influx of traffic and searching for your brand? Increases in traffic and brand awareness can be difficult to measure in general due to the number of different ways that potential customers can find you, but measuring the traffic generated specifically from your blog posts is a good start. Have your stats increased significantly from before the start of your campaign, and is traffic to your blog-specific landing pages at the levels you were aiming for?

Generating LeadsYou’re in luck if the main purpose of your guest blogging campaign was to generate leads – this is one of the easy goals to quantify.

  • Overall, were your landing pages as successful in drawing new leads as you had hoped? If not, determining where the problem lies can help significantly in future campaigns.
  • What are your conversion rates looking like? If your guest posts have generated a sizable amount of traffic for your landing pages, but you’re facing low conversion rates, then your landing pages may be to blame. You might need to work on creating more actionable copy for future guest blogging efforts.
  • Your visitors could also be playing a role in your conversion rates. You may have the best copy out there, but if visitors aren’t interested in what you’re offering, they won’t convert. If you’re seeing high click-through rates though, your copy or landing page design may be the culprit.

Link Building  – Link building is a perfect secondary goal for nearly any guest post campaign, and its success is easy to measure. It should not, however, be the primary focus of any guest blog efforts, especially with the recent Google statement on the matter.

To measure the success of link building, create a list detailing the specifics attributes of each site your guest posts appear on.

  • Are the links to your page NoFollow?
  • What is the PageRank and Domain Authority of the various blogs?

If you’ve obtained backlinks that pass on link juice from high PR blogs, your campaign was an overall success.

By measuring the results of your guest blogging campaign, you can help better craft future guest postings efforts.

  • Did you reach your goals?
  • What did you do to help get there, or what actions ended up holding you back?

In retrospect, things appear much more clearly than during the process, making it much simpler to identify your strengths and weaknesses with guest blogging. Wrapping up your campaign shouldn’t be seen as the end of your marketing efforts, but instead should act as the basis for future guest blogging endeavors.

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  1. Lovely write Kostas.

    How do I determine that? Just by seeing the engagement level and of course, networking. Oh yes, you didn’t left that out!

    Building authority is important and with guest posting, you are going to be on fire (if done correctly).

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment Reginald, you are right building authority is really important and guest posting is one of the best ways to achieve this!

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