Guest Blogging: Which Blogs You Should Target?

Getting your guest blogging campaign off the ground means first identifying the websites you plan to post on. There are guest posting opportunities on countless blogs across the web, all read by their own unique sets of readers. In order to properly select the specific blogs that you are going to contact, you should first narrow down and define which niches your plan to target.

For some businesses, focusing only on very niche-specific blogs will yield the best results. For others, posting on blogs not only within their field, but also within related industries may be better suited for reaching their campaign goals. To find the best option for your company, you’ll need to examine the benefits of each approach.

Advantages of Industry Specific Blogs

For many businesses, choosing to post on blogs within their industry and niche is the best choice. Focusing your guest blogging campaign on websites that are very specific to your business can be effective for a number of reasons.

  • More Targeted Traffic – If the blogs that you’re guest posting on cater specifically to your ideal customers, you’re going to see higher conversion rates from the traffic you receive. The number of visitors may not be as high as with posting in other industries, but it will be much more targeted.
  • Less Work Required – By focusing on industry-specific blogs, you’re limiting the number of places you’ll be posting. This means having to develop fewer relationships with bloggers and being able to concentrate more on nurturing the ones you are contributing to. It’s a lot easier to maintain relationships with five bloggers than it is with fifty.
  • Better for Establishing Expertise – If you’re directing your efforts at one particular niche, you’re better able to establish your expertise among readers. Future customers in your industry will become more familiar with your name and your business if you’re posting regularly to the most popular blogs in the business. Spreading your posting across numerous niches leaves you less able to emphasize your knowledge to any particular group of consumers.

Advantages of Spreading to Other Niches

There’s no doubt that focusing on a particular niche can send highly targeted traffic to your website and build up your credibility among a dedicated faction of readers. Sometimes though, choosing to expand your campaign to other niches outside of your own makes sense too. When expanding your reach, it’s important to stick with blogs that are relevant to your customers and maintain authority in their respective fields.

  • Reach More Potential Customers – If your business is in a very specialized niche, there likely isn’t too many blogs aimed directly at what you offer. In this situation, you can expand your reach by focusing on blogs in related niches whose readers would have an interest in your products or services.
  • Your Business Appeals to a Wide Range of People – Many businesses, especially those with ecommerce websites or who provide a broad range of services, appeal to a wide range of customers. Limiting promotion to one specific niche could be cutting off a major source of revenue. If you have a business that is hard to classify into one single niche, guest posting across a wide range of blogs may make more sense for you.

The optimal strategy for choosing which blogs to target can depend greatly on both your business and the goals of your guest blogging campaign. Choosing the right approach is imperative in determining the overall success of your guest posting efforts.

By selecting which groups of potential customers you’re going to try to target, you can narrow down the blog choices in those fields. This makes it easier to determine the sites that are the best within those niches for reaching your goals. Niche selection is simply the first, but an undeniably important, step in finding your guest blogging targets.

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About Kostas Chiotis

Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

  1. Awesome post on guest blogging tips.

    What I normally do is choose blogs in my niche which has more traffic than mine and try my best to write the highest quality post that comes to my mind.

    The other tips that you have mentioned are awesome. Thanks pal will try them out and see how well they work for me.

  2. Thank you for spreading the word about guest blogging best practices. I find it very frustrating to receive requests from people who want to guest post on my blog but who obviously haven’t even taken the time to familiarize themselves with my blog or its audience.

    • Hi Janet, I too get many guest post requests daily for my blogs and very often they don’t even suggest topics relevant to my niche, that’s certainly the wrong way to guest post since these people just want to get as many links as possible no matter if the blogs they contact are irrelevant to their own…

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