Growing Your Business By Participating In The Blogging Community

The internet has vastly changed the standards of doing business over the past twenty years. Companies are no longer limited to geographic locations when it comes to connecting with customers. If you have a web presence, attracting new customers can be as simple as getting the word out there about your business.

For many business owners though, marketing their company through common channels can be an uphill battle. Advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and Facebook are full of competition and can be costly to venture into for some high-volume industries. Because of that, many business owners are hunting for free methods of promoting their organization that will bring targeted traffic to their pages.

If you’re looking for an online source of highly targeted clients that are easy to reach and communicate your product or services to, consider participating in the online blogging community.

How To Find Suitable Blogs

The internet is full of blogs that are specifically tailored to your company’s niche. No matter what target audience you are after, you can find communities of potential customers all over the place. The best way to find the best blog communities to participate in is to sit back and make a list of leading websites in your industry that you commonly browse. Focus mainly on high-authority sites that are known for being un-biased, legitimate sources of information and news.

If you aren’t currently keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in the blogosphere, a quick search of Google will likely net promising results. Search for terms that your future customers would type in if they were looking for your business’ products or services, and identify which of the top results are non-commercial sites such as forums and blogs. Once you’ve developed a list of the most prominent sites that are in sync with your business, you’re ready to establish yourself.

What Should You Say?

One of the best ways to become well known in your industry’s blogging circles is to simply participate. This does not mean promoting your business with every line you post, but instead contributing useful, interesting and original information to the community. Comment on new blog posts, interact with discussions, and pose questions to the blogs’ writers in order to establish communication. Be becoming a common fixture on the most popular blogs and websites, you can quickly gain authority with readers interested in exactly what your company has to offer.

Once again, it’s important to reiterate: do not promote your business with every single post. Don’t spam these websites, because not only will your posts quickly be deleted, but your company will lose credibility by the site’s audience. For companies focused on smaller or more limited niches, this can be a death sentence as you may be turning away a huge portion of your potential customers. Instead, simply add value to the communities. Talk about what is relevant to each post, and interact with other commenters thoughtfully and in an informative manner. Many sites allow you to add a link to your website in the header for your comments, so take advantage of that. If the situation is relevant, you may include information about your company in your post, but not purely for advertising and only when you’ve established yourself as an expert in your niche.

Taking Your Business To The Next Level Through Guest Blogging

Once you and your company gain familiarity through the blogosphere, you can really start to ramp up your promotions. Other users will begin to refer potential customers to you and your website, and blog owners may further increase your exposure by asking you to become a guest blogger. Guest bloggers write posts for popular blogs and are normally allowed 1 – 3 links back to their website, either in the post or in a “resource box” at the end. This can be a powerful tool when used on leading blogs and can result in traffic from the sites’ users, as well as from visitors passing reading your article through results of searches on Google or other major search engines.

Getting the word out about your company is easier than many small businesses think. By participating in the blogging community for your industry, it is simple for anyone to become well-known by adding value to discussions and blog posts. While this is not an over-night process, dedication to growing your business will mean increasing your website traffic significantly through helpful comments and guest blogging opportunities on your niche’s most popular websites.

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