How To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities Using Your Contacts

Finding guest blogging opportunities can be tough. Sure, many low-end, spammy websites make it easy for anyone to contribute content, but that’s not the approach you want to take with your campaign. In reality, the difficult challenge is not just finding any old guest blogging opportunity – it’s finding one that is reputable and of a high-quality.

Getting in contact with leading site owners may seem tough, but that isn’t necessarily the case if you know where to begin. Sometimes, the information and connections we need are right in front of us, but we are too overwhelmed with planning to notice them.

Take a Look at Your Contacts

The first stop that you should make when searching for viable guest blogging opportunities is in your own rolodex. By going through your contact list, you can likely identify blog owners that you already have influence with. You may not have a direct line to the leading bloggers in your industry, but you’re almost certain to have friends and business associates who operate blogs, at least as part of their business’ websites, within your niche.

While these lesser-visited websites may not be the sources of traffic or loyally-followed blogs that you are aiming to approach, they can serve as a good starting point. For guest blogging goals such like networking and relationship building, these opportunities can allow you to gain some experience guest posting and gain credibility in the eyes of the tougher-to-tackle site owners.

Have Others Commented on Your Website’s Blog?

There is no questioning the fact that having a business blog on your website is vital to your company for a myriad of reasons, from brining in traffic to generating leads, but it may also be a good place to find places for guest posting. Go through the list of the different blog entries on your blog – take a note of who has commented where, and check to see if any of the commenters own relevant blogs in your industry.

If a blogger already has familiarity with your company and writing, you can use that previous introduction as a foot in the door when trying to secure guest blogging opportunities. Having an established connection and familiarity can make finding opportunities much easier.

What Blogs Have You Linked To?

Another aspect of your blog that you should pay close attention to are the websites you’ve linked to throughout your articles and posts. While these leads may not be as promising as bloggers who have visited and commented on your pages, they provide you with a place to start. Blog owners like having other high quality websites linking to them.

You may not find that having linked to a blogger’s posts in the past will help much when contacting them, but it can’t hurt (as long as your content is quality), and it may just set you apart from the other guest blogging requests that top site owners receive every day.

By carefully examining the sphere of influence that you already have within your industry, you’re nearly sure to find guest blogging opportunities. From other companies who have business blogs to associates who operate their own websites in your niche, looking at past connections is a great way to identify prime targets for your guest posting efforts.

To maximize your success and minimize the time spent organizing your campaign, it’s important that you carefully look at all of the potential resources available to you and use any previous connections you have – even things as small as comments from other bloggers or websites you’ve linked to previously. In the end, these minute factors can mean the difference between landing a guest posting opportunity and having your message discard with the dozens of other daily requests.


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