Why Having a Business Blog is Crucial for Guest Blogging Campaigns

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make with their website is failing to have a business blog. This is an important aspect of any professional web presence, but becomes even more vital if you want to guest post on the most popular blogs in your industry. Developing a business blog isn’t as difficult as it may sound, and can help you get the most out of your guest blogging campaign.

Business Blogs are Easy to Operate

If you don’t have a blog on your business’ website yet, you’re missing out on a number of different benefits. On top of the advantages associated with guest blogging, having a business blog offers value in other ways such as:

  • More interactions between potential customers and your company
  • Organic search engine traffic
  • A platform to convey news and promotions to your visitors
  • Integration with social media and sharing

Creating a business blog won’t be a major hassle either. Thanks to content management platforms like WordPress, setup takes only a few minutes and doesn’t require intense technical skills. From there, keeping your blog current and relevant means updating it regularly with highly-informative content that answers the questions you’re future clients are asking.

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You’ll Get More Guest Posts Accepted

One of the most difficult challenges for any guest blogging campaign is establishing a relationship with influential bloggers in your industry. Getting on their radar can be tough as many of these blog owners field a number of guest posting requests every day.

With a business blog on your website, you’re providing leading bloggers with a platform where they can see other articles you have prepared and get a taste for your writing style. The posts on your company’s blog can also serve as a representation of your expertise in your field. This will help soothe any concerns bloggers may have regarding the quality of the content you are asking them to put in front of their readers.

When using your business blog as a showcase of your writing talent and expertise, it’s important that your name is associated with it as an author. Most small companies make the mistake of having their content posted to their blog by the name of their business, or even worse, as “admin”. Instead, use your name as the writer of your blog’s content. This stresses you’re personally knowledgeable on the topics you write about, and helps create the powerful reputation that other bloggers are looking for when accepting guest posts.

Link to Your Blog in Guest Posts

Having a blog on your business’ website can provide the best source of landing pages for your guest blogging campaign. Many companies use guest blogging to promote their business by directing readers to their product or services pages however not only does this provide little useful information to visitors, but it also looks very unnatural to search engines like Google.

Recently, Google announced that they’re going to be cracking down on websites that use guest blogging solely to gain backlinks. These types of campaigns generally consist of low-quality content with no other purpose than to get posted on as many blogs as possible. By linking your guest posts to relevant, informative pages on your company’s blog, you can avoid search engine penalties and provide future customers with the information that they’re actually looking for.

Visitors Want Information

Having a well-converting sales page may be the best way to ultimately grow your company’s revenue. That being said, a sales-focused landing page isn’t the first thing that visitors want to see during their initial interaction with your business. Visitors coming to your website are looking for informative solutions to their problems. This is where your company’s blog can be quite useful in gaining trust and developing a relationship with your potential customers.

On top of regular articles, you’re blog should include highly-informative resources covering all of the main problems that your business can help visitors solve. By proving your expertise in these areas and building trust with readers, converting them into satisfied customers will become much easier.

Providing comprehensive resources on your blog can also create its own traffic instead of relying on guest blogging links alone. Search engines have developed complex algorithms in recent years in order to connect users with the content best suited to fit their needs. By creating useful content that covers every aspect of a specific topic, you’ll find a large influx of organic traffic that your website wouldn’t otherwise receive.

A business blog is one of the most important parts of any type of company website, and can serve a number of purposes from bringing organic traffic, to gaining the trust of prominent bloggers. Creating a blog isn’t difficult, and keeping it current and relevant simply means sharing the wealth of knowledge you have regarding your niche. Without a blog for your business, you’re going to run into a number of difficulties during your guest blogging campaign that can be easily avoided through a little bit of preparation.

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