Powerful Tips for Building Beneficial Relationships Via Guest Blogging

Identifying the ultimate goal of your guest blogging campaign is an important first step in preparing a thorough action plan. This will be the focus of your efforts, and will determine how you go about reaching your objectives. As I shared in my previous post, there are numerous different goals that you can aim for. One of the most useful strategies for some businesses involves networking and building relationships with the top bloggers in your niche.

These six actionable tips will help you build relationships with leading bloggers that can greatly boost your business’ performance:

1. Identify the Best Bloggers for Your Business

Before even beginning your guest blogging campaign, you need to identify your targets. Building a solid, long-lasting business relationship isn’t easy to do. You can quickly stretch yourself too thin by approaching too many bloggers, leaving you unable to properly nurture your forming bonds. For this strategy, quality definitely triumphs over quantity. Narrow down your list by choosing the leading bloggers that can have the greatest impact on your business.

2. Respect Their Time

Running a popular blog is no easy task, and most bloggers have little time to micromanage guest posts. If you want to get your relationship started off on the right foot, ensure your posts are thorough and well-written. If they have to send your article back several times for edits, site owners may not be too inclined to continue working with you in the future.

3. Link to Their Website

When you’re writing guest blogging articles, whether for their website or different ones, include relevant links to your focus bloggers’ articles. Not only will doing this be advantageous to their blog and put you in good favor, but it will also show that you are a good enough writer to be published elsewhere. When using this tactic, ensure that you only link to your target bloggers in high-quality articles on reputable websites. Failing to do so can trigger the exact opposite of the desired effects.

4. Become a Regular Guest Contributor

So you’ve gotten one or two guest posts published on one of your industry’s top sites – now what? You keep on posting. In order to develop a beneficial relationship with these site owners, you’re going to have to become a regular guest contributor. This can mean different things to different bloggers, but the overall principal is that your posts need to be a normal occurrence – not just a unique event.

5. Keep in Contact

Once you have started developing a relationship with a blogger, including providing regular guests posts, it’s time to take it to the next level. Keep in contact with the site owner more than just through on-topic article comments and guest posting submissions (although these are both great opportunities to touch base).

A few smart ways to stay in contact and enhance your reputation include:

  • congratulating them personally for any accomplishments
  • discussing something one-on-on that they mentioned in a post
  • writing them to say hi and see how things are going for them

6. Offer More than You Ask For

After you have worked hard and developed a strong relationship, it’s not time to just sit back and relax. You don’t want to be the friend that only comes around when they’re in need. Work hard to continue to maintain the connection you’ve established and always offer site owners more than you ask for. Don’t forget – they still have the power to boost your business, not generally the other way around.

Building successful working relationships with top bloggers in your industry isn’t easy. It is, however, accomplishable through dedication and the utilization of effective strategies. You can’t develop a relationship overnight, but when you do the benefits are endless. From providing steady traffic to promoting your product launches and intense marketing campaigns, your guest blogging campaign can form powerful alliances and friendships.

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  1. That’s right. It is not just in terms of SEO, but for building relationship with other bloggers. Honestly, I think latest post about guest blogging by Matt Cutts, was a total junk.

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