Blog Prospecting: How To Take Advantage Of Professional Guest Bloggers

No matter what industry or niche you’re in, there are going to be a number of other guest bloggers focusing on the same blogs that you’ll want to center your efforts on.

Many of these more frequent contributors are actually professional guest bloggers whose articles can be found on hundreds of different sites that are relevant to your business.

With just a little bit of digging and research, you can see where they’ve written in the past and get a good idea of which blogs are accepting quality guest posts.

Look Through Blog Archives

After you’ve used a few of the other resources at your disposal to develop a beginning list of blogs you should target with your guest posts, you can use this list to find even more opportunities.

Blogs that are among the most popular in your industry and have previous guest contributions are great resources for seeing how other businesses are organizing their campaigns. By browsing through the archives of these blogs, you will be able to identify posts that were written by other guest bloggers who write on behalf of your competitors.

Often you’ll notice a trend among authority sites – the same professional guest bloggers are likely among the contributors for most of the leading sites.

Start by looking at their bylines. Are the links included pointing to a personal blog or to a commercial site?

When you notice a certain guest blogger who frequently links their articles to commercial websites, you can use this as a base for finding other blogs which you could target.

Use Author Bylines to Search Google

Most professional guest bloggers have hundreds, if not thousands, of different posts under their belt. By finding a common factor, tracking down all of these different posts can open up countless opportunities for your campaign.

While each of the articles contributed are likely to be different, most guest bloggers keep one thing relatively the same – their bylines. Yes, these short resource boxes at the end of the guest posts may not be entirely identical, but they are often similar and keep many parts the same from post to post.

To effectively find a number of articles from popular guest bloggers, copy their name (in quotation marks) into a Google search, along with a small section of their byline (also important to keep in quotation marks).

For example, if a professional guest blogger named Michael Coopers had a byline which read:

“Michael Coopers is an acclaimed financial writer who enjoys writing blog posts for various websites and blogs in the industry.”

You would want to search for things like:

  • “Michael Coopers” “acclaimed financial writer”
  • “Michael Coopers” “enjoys writing blog posts”
  • “Michael Coopers” “blogs in the industry”

Repeating this process for a few of the most prolific guest writers in your niche will result in dozens, if not hundreds, of additional potential posting opportunities you can add to your already established list.

The Powerful InPostAuthor Search Operator

Another great way to sort out blogs which accept guest contributions is by taking advantage of Google Authorship. Professional guest bloggers focus on the strategies which generate the best results. One of the best practices for increasing perceived expertise and ramping up traffic is to claim Google authorship of high-quality articles.

With Google’s “InPostAuthor” search operator, you can easily locate all of the articles claimed by the professional guest bloggers on your list.

For the example above, you could query:

inpostauthor:”Michael Coopers”

This is a very useful strategy when dealing with professional guest bloggers who have unique names, but it may not be as effective with names that are very common . To improve the results when searching for common names, include keywords like:

inpostauthor:”Michael Coopers” “internet marketing”

Or even bits and pieces of an author’s common bylines like:

inpostauthor:”Michael Coopers” “acclaimed financial writer”

With these simple technics you can easily find hundreds of opportunities on most niches. By tracking down and creating a list of popular guest bloggers in your niche you will simple take advantage of the hard work of others and stay ahead of your competitors!


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