What Exactly is Guest Blogging and Just How Can It Help Your Business?

One of the key responsibilities of being a business owner is the task of developing new strategies for growing your company. In today’s online society, the internet brings a facet to marketing that differs significantly from traditional channels like radio, television and newspaper advertising. While there is no shortage of advertisement opportunities scattered about in every corner of the web, current technology has also provided us with many burgeoning new methods for business promotion, ranging from email marketing to developing a strong social networking presence.

These strategies for generating business through the internet all offer varying levels of results, but one marketing model which has become increasingly more popular and powerfully effective in recent history has been guest blogging. This is because it reflects your business in a positive light while providing your future customers with the information they’re seeking rather than simply appearing as just another advertiser.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a powerful content marketing strategy that can provide numerous benefits to your business. In short, guest blogging is when you contribute meaningful, informative articles to the top blogs within your industry. In return for providing site owners with this high-quality content, guest bloggers are customarily given the recognition of a byline following the article, as well as one or more links back to the website of the writer’s business.

This is a win-win situation for both the blogger and the business owner, as the blog benefits from useful and relevant content, and business owner benefits from the exposure to the blog’s vast audience. Over the past year or so, guest blogging has become a strategy used by companies of all sizes, and in all industries, thanks to its proven level of business-generating results.

How Guest Blogging Can Generate Business

Guest blogging is much more than simply getting you and your organization’s name and website link posted online – in fact it can be used to generate business for your company in a variety of different ways. No matter what your goals are for growing your business, guest blogging is a strategic effort that can help get your there. Your primary objective should always be to increase your overall revenue, but guest blogging can act as a medium to get you there through a number of avenues.

Just a few of the ways that guest blogging can help you generate more business include:

  • Establishing your expertise within your industry – When your target audience (your potential customers) sees you contributing to some of your niche’s leading websites, your perceived level of expertise raises significantly. Guest blogging, when your contributions are of a high quality, can vastly improve your reputation for knowledge.
  • Increasing your brand awareness – The blogs that you should be aiming to post on have a large number of people who track them and their new posts regularly. Guest blogging puts your company directly in front of thousands or even tens of thousands of the blog’s loyal readers right off the bat, and a steady new stream for the future through traffic from search engines.
  • Networking and building relationships with your industry’s top bloggers – Networking is a business concept that is far from dead, even in today’s digital world. Instead of conferences and seminars, a large portion of networking now simply occurs online. Guest blogging allows you to form and develop working relationships with some of the most influential people in your industry.

If you’re looking for an effective way to grow your business’ sales and total revenue, there is no doubting the power of guest blogging. It’s a synergetic process that is beneficial to both your company and the leading industry blogs that you work with. Guest blogging can put you right in front of a crowd of potential customers and gives you the opportunity to prove to them that you’re a knowledgeable provider of services that can benefit them.

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About Kostas Chiotis

Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

  1. According to latest official statements, guest blogging can be dangerous. Well, I don’t believe that, as guest blogging is one of my main online marketing strategies.

    • Thanks for your comment Kaloyan, you are probably referring to the recent announcement from Matt Cutts, however anyone whose main reasons of guest blogging are the ones mentioned in this article has nothing to fear…

  2. Despite what Matt Cutts says, guest blogging is here to stay and will benefit only those brands who do it “the right way” and sadly, most of the brands don’t know the right way. The popular concept is to publish just any kind of post and get backlinks…this should be banned.

    Guest blogging for branding purposes is always welcome.

    Nice to come across your blog Kostas 🙂 Didn’t know you had one.

    ~ Chitraparna

    • Hi Chitraparna, I totally agree with you, anything that passes editorial control on decent blogs has nothing to be afraid of though. Btw you wrote a guest post on one of my blogs so you should know 😉

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