Using Twitter and Facebook to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

There’s no doubt that social media has made it a lot easier to connect with others both personally and professionally.

When looking for guest blogging opportunities, social media provides the ability to leverage your connections and the social dynamic of these platforms to get in touch with site owners who are willing to accept your guest posts.

From your existing contacts to in-depth searches of these social media sites, both Twitter and Facebook enable you to find relevant blogs for your guest posting campaign in a number of different ways.

Reach Out to Friends of Friends

Social media platforms are based on networking and your sphere of influence. If you’re not taking advantage of these factors to find potential guest blogging opportunities, you’re missing out. In addition to just using your current contacts to sort out anyone who owns a relevant blog, use social media to leverage these relationships even further.

If you have 200 friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, and each of those people also has 200 contacts, your extended sphere of influence is an exponentially larger group of 40,000 individuals. By sending a carefully crafted message to the friends linked to your social profiles, you can find indirect relationships to bloggers that you never knew you had.

When trying this approach, especially from your personal social accounts, it’s important to ensure your request doesn’t come across as spammy. While your friends and acquaintances will likely have no problem helping you get in contact with blog owners, you don’t want to make them feel like you’re only using them for their connections.

Often times, the best way to approach your friends on social media is with a casual message that briefly explains that you’re looking for owners of websites relevant to your business, and how your guest posts will provide value to them as well. People will be much more likely to help if they understand how both parties will benefit – they don’t want to harm their relationships with the blog owners if they think they’re asking for a one-sided favor.

Conduct a Twitter Search

Currently, Twitter is one of the easiest social platforms to search effectively. It’s also better than Facebook for connecting with people you don’t know and don’t have any mutual friends with. By combining these two facets, Twitter can be a great place for you to find guest posting opportunities.

Trying conducting a Twitter search based on your keywords, along with the phrase “guest post”. This will scan the social platform looking for people who have tweeted about guest articles that are likely relevant to you.

“Guest post” isn’t the only phrase that you can use on twitter. Other result-generating queries include:

  • “guest blogger”
  • “write for us”

It’s not just site owners who tweet about guest posts, however. Many times, the articles’ writers will also promote their posts through social media. This can be used alongside of Google and backlink searches to find a list of guest posts that your competitors have published on blogs in your industry.

Use Social Media Search Engines

In addition to the Twitter search, there are a plethora of other separate social media search engines that you can utilize to hunt through social platforms to find guest posting opportunities. A few popular services include:

Social Searcher – Social Searcher allows you to search through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and literally hundreds of other smaller sites to find shared guest posts that are related to your niche.

Followerwonk – For analyzing Twitter influencers and finding guest post opportunities, Followerwonk is one of the best options out there. Not only will it help you find sites accepting guest posts, but it will also show which bloggers have the most influential Twitter profiles, as well as the demographics of their followers.

AllMyTweets – AllMyTweets is great way to find guest posts from a specific user. The service provides you with the 3,200 most recent tweets of any account, allowing you to browse or search through the results to find their promoted guest articles.

The best way to find relevant guest post opportunities is to use your existing connections and relationships. Once you’ve exhausted those resources, or if you don’t have a wide network of business acquaintances, there are a number of additional ways to search through Twitter and Facebook to find potential blogs for your campaign. Regardless of your approach, social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your list of blogs to focus your guest posting efforts on.


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