Using Guest Blogging To Become A Recognized Expert In Your Industry

When organizations are looking for services and business solutions, glamour and attractive advertising usually takes a backseat to proven results and expertise. In many industries, however, establishing yourself as an expert can seem a nearly impossible process. Luckily, thanks to the social influence of leading internet bloggers, impressing future clients with your knowledge has become much easier. The secret to getting leading site owners on your side, promoting your company, is through guest blogging.

If the aim of your guest blogging campaign is to establish your expertise, these tips will help you reach your goals:

Choose The Most Influential Blogs in Your Niche

Just like when using guest blogging to build relationships with blog owners, establishing expertise in your niche is centered on creating fewer, high quality posts. You want to show that you’re knowledgeable enough to be published by the most trusted names in the industry. For this reason, you will want to create a list of the popular blogs that your target clients follow, and narrow the field down to the top few most influential.

To exhibit your expertise, these guest posts are going to be used to essentially brag to your clients, both present and potential. Therefore, having your name and business appearing on the best-of-the-best websites is crucial to the plan’s ultimate success.

Aim To Write The Most Informative Articles Online

If you’re hoping to post on the most well-respected websites in your niche, you’re going to have to provide top-notch content. Furthermore, your aim is to show that you’re an expert – that doesn’t mean meeting minimum quality requirements, but instead providing content that even impresses top bloggers.

The types of articles you should be focusing on include ultra-comprehensive guides and thorough case studies. Your guest submissions should literally be the most complete resource on the internet for your chosen topic. Take time to browse other websites addressing your subject in order to find their strengths and weaknesses and integrate them into your guide.

Guest Posting Opportunities do not Come Easily

When beginning your guest blogging campaign, it’s important to be realistic – high-end guest posting opportunities do not come easily. Unless you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you’re not likely to have a guest post offer accepted overnight, on your first try. This is because leading bloggers receive countless emails every single day pitching guest article ideas. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are and how informative your article is – it’s possible that your email will get lost in the stream of information pouring into site owners’ inboxes every day. Improve your chances by using a creative, catchy email to attract bloggers’ attention.

Create Guest Posts for Other less Competitive Sites

One effective strategy for gaining the professional respect needed for site owners to accept your guest posts is to showcase your expertise for them. That means taking the time to create information-packed articles for other less competitive blogs. These posts can be used of examples that you not only are knowledgeable in your niche, but you are also a quality writer that has already built relationships with other bloggers.

Communicate and Build a Relationship

Another great way to break through the sea of guest post offers that top bloggers face is to communicate with them as an active participant on their websites and social media. Take the time to create on-topic comments that encourage conversations on their blog posts. Share their articles through your social profiles. Get on the top site owners’ radar by establishing a meaningful presence in their community. Bloggers are much more likely to take a closer look at your guest blogging proposal if they recognize you in a positive way thanks to your contributions.

Continue Guest Blogging

Even though this expertise-building strategy focuses on creating a few very informative articles, it doesn’t mean that you can stop as soon as your first batch of guest posts is published. Yes, these articles will be very impressive in showcasing your knowledge to customers. Yes, they’ll be the most informative in your industry. The problem, though, is that industries are always changing.

Once you’ve established a strong presence in your niche, it’s important to retain it. Continuing to create high-quality guest posts afford you the opportunity to stay relevant to your potential customers. Also, be sure to continue to promote past articles and reply to new comments readers post to them.

It’s highly likely that building expertise through guest blogging will take time and effort. Getting the connections needed with your industry’s top website owners can be difficult, but is achievable through consistent communication and quality contributions. Once you develop this relationship, however, the results will have enormous business benefits as you establish and retain (through continued guest posting) a highly perceived expertise in your field.

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    Also, this is the second time I have read to continue to promote past articles. Haven’t done that yet! But, in my next post I surely will.

    These are two habits that are a must these days for me to have.

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