Making Your Infographic Go Viral: Why Yours Will Be the Next Big Thing

As the internet is becoming more visual by the day, Infographics have gained popularity as an information medium. Infographics have the unique ability to deliver data and statistics which would normally be considered boring in an engaging and interest manner.

As a result, it has managed to become one of the most coveted digital marketing methods. As Big Data keeps flourishing, marketers are now looking for ways in which they can convey that data to people. Other than traditional marketing methods, one elusive strategy is that of viral marketing.

Viral marketing can be a slippery slope. There’s a misconception that content only goes viral when the stars decide to align just right and lady luck has been on your side.

Getting your Infographics to go viral however is more of a science that needs to be applied in the right way. Making anything go viral which doesn’t include a kitten in it can be a challenge even if you have the best content in the market.

Designing the Infographic

Before you can reach ‘Charlie bit my finger’ levels of fame, you need to start working on the Infographic. So gather your data, crank up your design software and start designing.

When designing, make sure you have a mind map in place and the steps have been defined clearly before the design phase is tackled. While promotion and publicity are crucial to the virality of your Infographic, it will get nowhere with a subpar design.

Make sure that you have an ultimate aim in mind when crafting the Infographic. Consider what you wish to achieve when creating the Infographic and the response from the readers as a result of virality.

Promoting the Infographic

Now that you’ve designed your Infographic and it is ready to be sent off into the world, it’s time to start publicizing it.

Social Sharing

This is the first stop in the journey of most marketers. Make sure that your Infographic is as easy to share as possible. No one is going to go out of their way to copy and paste the link into their status bar. Eliminate all the steps in between and add social buttons on your post.

This will allow users to view and then share with the click of a button. When focusing on social shares make sure to consider visual social networks such as Flickr, Pinterest, and Tumblr other than facebook and Twitter.

Infographics have a way of getting around. You never know where they will find themselves, far away from home. In this case, you need to make sure that users can find their way to you through the Infographic. Embedding an HTML code would be an excellent way of ensuring a link back whenever your Infographic is shared.

SEO Optimized Release

A press release can work wonders if your ultimate aim is getting virality. An SEO optimized release is similar to winning the digital marketing lottery. Not only do you get keywords and rankings but also get add-ons such as increased traffic, visibility, and are also able to tell a great story in one fell swoop.

Marketers should never underestimate the power of a well written release. In order for the press release to be great however, there are certain best practices that should be kept in mind. This includes

  • Write an amazing lead
  • Your Content should be unique
  • Address the problems of the reader
  • Be relevant!

Submit to Directories

Online directories are simply amazing. They’re already indexed which means the Google crawl bot will fetch them instantly and if you’re hanging with the right crowd, the relevancy, and quality of associated content will provide you with credibility.

In addition, these sites can become great communities to learn from and keep up with current trends. Directories that you should definitely keep an eye out for include;

Marketing To the Real World

Your Infographic may have been born in the digital sphere but that doesn’t mean it needs to be confined to it. Many marketers make the mistake of sticking to digital mediums and fail to promote their Infographic manually.

Some great ways of marketing your Infographic manually include using QR codes, and printing the Infographic and distributing physical copies.

Blogger Outreach

This is perhaps the most important part of any infographic promotion campaign. No matter what niche you’re working in, there will certainly be multitudes of bloggers tackling the same subject. Since your target market will already be collected in one place you can request bloggers working in your niche to post your Infographic on their site. This way you will be able to increase your reach and also bank on the popularity and credibility of the bloggers.

Building a rapport with bloggers however can be a time taking process. Luckily, we can help you reach out to prominent bloggers and help your content go viral in the relevant spheres 🙂 . Check this page for more details!

In a Nutshell

Making an Infographic go viral isn’t an impossible task as many choose to believe. What is required to achieve virality however, are patience, consistency, and determination.

Make sure that you don’t drop the ball after initial promotion efforts but keep at them. These efforts will provide it with a much needed boost should it begin to lose momentum.

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