Why You Should Interact With Your Guest Posts’ Readers?

As your guest posts go live and are promoted by the blog owners and across social media, you’re going to receive views. You’re probably also going to have readers adding their own thoughts or asking questions about the content of the articles you have published. You may not be the blog’s owner, but for the guest posts you’ve written, you should be in the mindset that you are. Responding to comments and interacting with your guest post’s readers will help increase the success of your guest blogging campaign, as well as make future efforts to get articles posted much easier.

Build Stronger Connections with Potential Customers

If someone’s commenting on one of your guest posts, it’s a good thing. It means that they’ve taken the time to read through your article, consider what you’ve written, and formulate a question or response to you. If you’re trying to increase your level of perceived expertise on a subject or increase your brand’s awareness, receiving comments is a nearly surefire sign of success.

For this reason, responding to comments and interacting with your guest posts’ readers is vital to achieving your goals and building stronger connections with potential customers. You already have the commenters on your hook – communicating with the poster helps to reel them in. Ignoring their questions or comments is the same as cutting the line and letting them swim away.

Great articles will engage readers and draw comments, and your interactions with them can help create loyal fans of your business.

Improve Value for Blog Owners

Blog owners also appreciate you replying to comments on your guest posts. In fact, many blogs include such a requirement as part of their guest post guidelines. Blog owners strive to build relationships with their readers. As a guest poster on their blog, they expect the same out of you.

By interacting with your guest posts’ readers, you’re not only building connections between commenters and your business, but also between them and the blog you’ve posted on. This can be a powerful way to build connections with bloggers in your industry and elevate the level of the professional relationship that you have with them.

Increase Future Guest Posting Opportunities

As you build connections with your readers and improve the value of your posts for blog owners, you’re also able to set yourself up to receive additional guest posting opportunities in the future. Happy with the quality of your guest contributions and the way you follow up on them, blog owners will be much more likely to accept new content from you down the road.

Often, this results in many more opportunities than just on the blog your guest post is published on. Bloggers interact with other blogs that are related to theirs. They read other blogs in their industry and are constantly commenting and sharing ideas and opinions. Whether you’re responding and carrying on conversations with these bloggers, or with readers in general, the owners of other related sites are likely to take notice.

If you’re seen as a great guest contributor that regularly interacts with readers, bloggers will have more faith in your knowledge and willingness to follow up with your guest posts. Blog owners love interactive guest posters much more than ones who simply have their content published and are never heard from again.

Responding to comments from your guest posts’ readers should come as second nature to you. Failing to interact with these visitors can have negative effects on the success of your campaign, the relationships between bloggers and their readers, and your future prospects for having guest posts published. Following up with questions and encouraging further interaction by your guest articles’ readers is an integral part of the guest posting process, and one that should never be overlooked.

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Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

  1. I’ve accepted several guests posts on my Wassupblog and one of the prerequisites was that they take the time to respond to all the comments left on their post. There were a few who failed in this one very important part and so I consequently removed all their links in their post.

    I think it’s great that you’re promoting the importance of interacting with guest post readers.

  2. I always accept guest posts from my users and visitors. Their work make me believe on them 😀

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