Guest Blogging - What Topics Should You Suggest To Bloggers?

So you’ve already begun connecting with the bloggers on your target blog list, and you’ve even received positive feedback from your pitch email. The problem now is that you’re not quite sure what kind of articles bloggers want, and how to go about figuring it out. Luckily, there are a number of resources at your disposal for coming up with great ideas. By coming up with great topics and making them attractive to blog owners, your chances of securing guest posts increase significantly

Coming Up with Great Topics

Since you’ll be writing a high-quality article tailored to a specific blog, the overall feel of the blog can at least point you in the right direction. When brainstorming topics, you should take into account the writing style of the target blog. It could be professional or casual, or maybe even funny.

The titles that you come up with need to be highly relevant to both your business and the blog. While doing this, you need to use caution to avoid any ideas that could come across as promotional in any way. This is a red flag for bloggers and makes your guest post request sound like little more than a request for free advertisement.

One great way that you can increase the success rate of your guest post pitches is to use existing articles on the target blog as your inspiration. Offer to write about topics which supplement one of the blogger’s more recent and popular articles – a great additional resource for any blog owner.

The goals of your guest blogging campaign should also play a role in determining which topics you choose. For example, if you’re campaign is focused on developing your reputation as an expert in your industry, you should opt for promoting in-depth resource articles which best allow you to showcase your knowledge. If you’re trying to generate exposure for your small business, go for topics that appeal to a more broad demographic.

Crafting the Perfect Titles

On a blog, readers decide what they want to read based on the articles title. A dull, boring title won’t attract much attention, while an ultra-catchy one will generate heavy traffic. When pitching your guest post topics to bloggers, the titles are just as important.

The best article titles are ones that:

  • are short and to the point
  • clearly convey the topic of the article
  • leave readers curious to find out more
  • show readers that you can help solve their problems

Coming up with a great title to go along with a relevant, non-promotional article topic will help put you on the fast-track to getting your guest post pitch accepted.

Some Other Ways to Generate Ideas

If you’re having trouble coming up with topic ideas and you’re not generating any concepts based on the blog’s recent articles, don’t worry – there are still other resources out there to help spur your creativity.

  • Go Back to the Blog Guidelines Page – Many bloggers will use their guest submission guidelines page to post a list of general (or sometimes even specific) article topics that they’re interested in. This can be used to greatly increase your chances of having your proposed topics selected.
  • Look Elsewhere – If you’re really stumped, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere for topic ideas. Browse other blogs in your industries. In addition to perusing their post archives, take the time to see what questions readers as asking in the comments. These can be a great source of topic ideas because they’re based on the actual wants and needs of your potential customers.

The key to having your guest post requests accepted is coming up with topics and titles that appeal to each individual blogger. You should develop topics which are both relevant to your business and their blog, but be careful to avoid sounding “salesy”.

Crafting great titles will help draw bloggers in and pique their interest in seeing what you have to write. In the end, using effective topics and titles will improve your guest blogging campaign, while poor suggestions will stop your efforts in their tracks.



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