Guest Blogging : How To Use Your Blog To Get The Attention of Other Bloggers

Establishing contact with bloggers is an important step of a succesful guest blogging campaign. Because of the high volume of emails most blog owners get every day, your pitch email can easily be missed. To remedy this, you want to be sure they’re at least familiar with your name. While there are a number of social platforms you can use to interact with bloggers, sometimes one of the most powerful medium is even closer.

With a little planning, you can use your website’s blog to get the attention of bloggers and make them more familiar with you and your business.

Your Blog is a Powerful Tool

Your website’s blog is a huge asset when it comes to landing guest posting opportunities. It doesn’t only allow bloggers to sample your expertise and quality of writing. It can also give you a way to acknowledge other blog owners within your posts.

Take your list of target blogs into consideration when searching for resources for your blog articles. By linking to relevant content on these target blogs, you’re increasing the user-experience for your readers and you’re also getting in the good graces of the blog owners you link to.

While you should only be adding useful, quality articles to your business blog in the first place, this becomes even more crucial during guest blogging campaigns.

Bloggers love having their blogs linked to – it increases traffic and helps with rankings. They hate, however, links from spammy content. These can have undesired effects and do more harm than good.

When you link to blog posts from your target blog list, be sure your articles are of a high-quality and that each link you include is relevant to its context. Don’t link to irrelevant posts for the sole purpose of impressing bloggers.

Relevant Outbound Links Benefit You Too

Linking to the blogs on your target list does more than just help their search engine optimization. Not only can you form relationships with the bloggers you plan to pitch your guest posts to, but you can also help your own website’s traffic.

Google loves pages that provide an informative experience for users. By linking to other resources that are relevant to your topic and authoritative in Google’s eyes, you’re able to improve how well your posts rank. This makes including relevant outbound links in your articles a smart strategy not just for guest blogging campaigns, but during standard practice.

Tell Bloggers You’ve Shared Their Content

Most bloggers use a number of tools to track their site’s impact. One thing that most all SEO tools monitor is new inbound links. This means that blog owners will see that you’ve linked to them shortly after you publish your post.

Regardless, you should still take the time to send bloggers a message after you link to their site. Tell them that you found their content useful and linked to it from your article. Even if they’ve already been updated about your post, sending them a message will help with name recognition. This will come in handy later on when they’re skipping through their email.

Your website’s blog provides you with a great way to make contact with blog owners. By linking to relevant posts on their blogs from within your articles, you can stealthily sneak into their memories. By following up and telling them about your link (even though they may have already noticed!), you’re exposing bloggers to your name and company one more time.

Your blog can be great for establishing and growing new connections, but only when done in an appropriate way. Never publish low-quality content as this often causes more harm than good to your budding relationships. Otherwise, quality outbound links are a great way to connect with your targeted bloggers.


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