How To Generate Leads through Strategic Guest Blogging Campaigns

For many small business owners, the biggest struggle they face on a daily basis is acquiring and converting leads. Having a powerful system in place can mean revving up sales, but sometimes getting in contact with potential buyers is the most difficult part. To overcome this hurdle, many business owners are turning to guest blogging campaigns in order to generate leads. This guest blogging goal is similar to the one described in this article on driving traffic through guest blogging, but focuses more on honing your back-end operations. They key to generating leads is in having optimized landing pages in place and then an effective marketing funnel that will turn these leads into sales.

Write Guest Posts that Convey Your Message

When you write your guest post contributions, you should do so with your end goal in mind. Your content needs to not only be high-quality, but it also should make readers want to seek you and your website out for more information. The article’s body should show that you know what you’re talking about on the subject, although it shouldn’t be so comprehensive that visitors find every answer they need.

A few things to keep in mind when writing your post:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of the blog’s audience. Different blogs within the same niche can attract vastly different traffic. Knowing why they’re taking the time to read your article will help you provide useful content.
  • Keep your writing style on the same level as the website’s other posts. If your article sticks out sorely, it could scare away regular visitors of the blog.
  • Include examples and cases studies of your proven results – few things convince readers of your expertise better than factual case studies.

Focus on Your Byline

The byline is the one chance that you have to draw readers of your guest blogging articles to your website. No matter how informative your content is, if you have a weak byline visitors will simply skip it over. Your call-to-action should be a major element here, and should encourage visitors to continue on to your page. An effective byline will be:

  • convincing but not an obvious sales pitch
  • short and to the point
  • informative about what visitors will find on your link
  • tailor-made to fit the audience of your article

Have Something to Offer

If you have a powerful byline that is convincing viewers to click on your link, your landing page needs to be strong enough to convince them to join your business’ marketing list. This is highly unlikely to happen unless there is something in it for the visitor. Most often, your landing page will present further solutions to the problems they were reading your article to solve. A popular option is to compile a comprehensive resource that is provided for free in exchange for users signing up to your email list. Relaying that information to users should be done through a downloadable eBook or an online course.

Take Time to Convince Bloggers

Most bloggers have spent years putting countless hours of work each day into their websites. Throughout this time, they’ve developed and strengthened the relationships with their readers. When it comes to maintaining those relationships, most bloggers tend to play it safe. This means that they want to be sure their visitors are being offered quality resources through your landing page.

When creating your first guest post for a new blog you haven’t worked with in the past, offer a copy of your guide or online course to the blogger up front. This will give them the opportunity to ensure the quality of what you’re offering and help alleviate any hesitations they may have in approving your guest article.

When used properly, guest blogging campaigns can be a powerful tool in gathering leads. When widespread exposure is combinedwith  solid bylines and strong landing pages, the results for your business can be huge. Create your guest posts with the intent of driving and converting traffic, not just reaching potential customers. This means not only creating great content for your articles, but also developing and testing your landing pages and marketing funnel for optimal performance.

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