What Should Be The Goals Of Your Guest Blogging Campaign?

When you started your company, it likely began from a good idea. Guest blogging campaigns are no different – they need a solid starting point in order to grow and become successful. The core of any marketing effort is the goals that you are trying to attain. Choosing the proper goals for your business will determine how you go about designing and implementing your guest blogging strategies.

Establishing the right goals for your company can depend on a number of things. You need to look at what your business does right, what it does wrong, what is going on in your industry, as well as a plethora of other factors.

Analyze Your Weaknesses

Take a look on what your business’ marketing efforts are right now. What areas are you excelling in, and what areas are you having troubles? You may be ranking well in the search engines and getting a steady flow of traffic, but conversions are less-than-optimal because the traffic just isn’t motivated enough. Perhaps you’re having trouble entering a market dominated by a small number of powerful competitors and customers just aren’t taking you seriously.

By analyzing the deficiencies of your current marketing campaigns, you can determine where guest blogging can help you the most.

See What Your Competitors are Doing

One great way to see what is working well in your industry is to observe what your competitors are doing. Take a look at the most successful companies providing similar services as you, and check out what kind of guest blogging campaigns they’re running.

With the power of guest blogging in today’s market, most successful companies are utilizing its high level of returns in order to boost revenue so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find guest posts. Peruse through a range of blogs in your niche and you’ll likely be able to get a good idea of what other businesses are generating results with.

Do You Want Immediate Growth?

Different goals for your guest blogging campaign will produce quantifiable results over varying timeframes. In order to choose the proper campaign goals for your business, you must first consider the length of time before the products of your efforts will be realized.

If you want to see traffic and lead conversions right now, focusing your campaign around lead generation and driving visitors to your website will be the most effective strategy to provide a spike in sales. While these goals will likely provide long-term traffic sources through your guest posts’ SEO rankings, a good portion of your results will be seen up front.

On the other hand, long-term marketing goals can be better suited by utilizing guest blogging as a way to build expertise in your industry and develop relationships with leading site owners. Although it shouldn’t be your only long-term goal, guest blogging for backlinks is another focus that will take time to pay off.

What Goals are Right for Me?

Sometimes you can determine the right strategy for your guest blogging campaign by looking at the external hurdles and internal weaknesses that are slowing your business’ growth. Here are the five most common goals of guest blogging, and what businesses they can work for:

  • Networking and Building Relationships Companies that are planning big growth initiatives in the future, but are currently still in the planning stage. Also, businesses wanting to secure long-lasting partnerships with influential industry leaders.
  • Establishing ExpertiseCompanies that are in an industry dominated by a few, relatively large competitors. Companies looking for a competitive edge, especially in newly developing niches. Also great for businesses who primarily conduct high-value transactions with major corporations.
  • Getting Traffic and Increasing Brand AwarenessCompanies in an industry with a couple of large competitors, but also a huge number of smaller competitors. Guest campaigns designed to drive traffic can make businesses stand out in a sea of other fish.
  • Generating LeadsCompanies developing marketing funnels, as well as companies that have just launched new services or products. Authority blogs can be a great source of targeted, motivated traffic.
  • Building BacklinksCompanies working to develop a larger portion of web traffic from search engine results. Building backlinks should never be the main goal of a guest blogging campaign though.

Choosing the right goals for your guest blogging campaign will determine whether it’s a success or failure for your business. By identifying how to improve your company’s marketing, as well as your needs for the future, you can determine the goals that fit your needs. These goals are the foundation of your entire campaign and will have the rest of your efforts planned around them – giving even more reason to properly assess your needs based on your company and industry conditions.

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