Connect with Bloggers Before Pitching Your Guest Posts

Many guest bloggers run into issues when pitching their guest posts. They put time and effort into crafting the perfect email, but never even get a reply from the blog owner.

Most bloggers love quality content, but with the effectiveness of guest blogging, many others are vying for the same blogs as you. One way to get an advantage over your competitors is to make bloggers familiar with you ahead of time.

You should begin cultivating your relationship with bloggers before pitching your guest post to them. This can be done through casual, social interaction cross a variety of mediums, including commenting on their blog.

Why Interacting with Bloggers is Important

Most bloggers get tens of guest post requests daily. For even an average-sized blog, this could mean 5 – 10+ different people contacting them every single day.

In reality, however, the horrible truth is that most bloggers maintain busy schedules. They simply don’t have the time to thoroughly go through every single offer that lands in their inbox.

If you write the perfect pitch email and offer top-notch content, you may get lucky and catch the eye of the blogger you’re contacting. What if you could help maximize the chance that the blogger would see your email and give it their full attention?

Interacting with site owners before you contact them allows you to build a (slight) relationship. When you do email them, they will at least be familiar with your name and your email will have much more chances to be seen.

A few other ways that interacting with bloggers can help you include:

  • Depending on your types of interactions, they may be familiar with not only your name, but also your business.
  • They can see your style of writing, making them more comfortable with allowing you to write a guest post.
  • They can see your knowledge of your niche, which can also lead to them feeling more comfortable offering you a guest posting opportunity.

Comment on Blog Posts

Perhaps the most direct way to interact with bloggers is to comment on their blog posts.

You need to be careful to never post poor-quality comments such as “thanks for the great article, I found it very informative”.

Instead, opt for more relevant comments that help create conversation and add overall value to the blogger’s website. This means reading through the entire article to formulate a meaningful response that is more than just a few words. This grabs the attention of site owners and will help them remember your name when reading through their email inbox.

You should also try to be one of the first people to comment on new articles or respond to comments of the blogger in order to get noticed easier. Sign up for RSS feeds of the blogs you’re targeting to see articles as soon as their posted.

Interacting Directly through Social Media

In addition to interacting with bloggers by commenting on their blogs, you should also spend time interacting with them via social media. On Facebook, this can be done by posting on their wall, tagging them in posts and commenting on their posts and shared articles.

On Twitter you should be sure to retweet their posts whenever they are relevant to your followers. Be sure to include the blogger’s twitter @name in your retweet!

The fact that you’re interacting with more than one of their online presences means that you’re actually taking the time to follow them, and bloggers will take notice.

Sharing and Recommending Content via Social Media

Another way you can interact with blog owners is to share their content across social media – especially if you have a good number of followers and fans.

Instead of just focusing on SEO, most bloggers are also optimizing their content for social marketing since social media traffic is a big part of their overall traffic. If the blogger sees you are helping promote their content in a non-spammy way, they’ll take notice.

By interacting with bloggers before sending your guest post request, you’re increasing their familiarity with you, your brand and your quality of writing. This can be a major advantage when it comes to getting your pitch noticed.

Often people are tempting to bypass this important stage, but doing so can mean wasting much more time even trying to get your email opened.

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About Kostas Chiotis

Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

  1. Hey mate,

    Great write! I love the part about connecting prior to anything else. I still remember my first guest blog. I connected with that chap for over 2 months before I finally throw the question.

    It is good to know the person even before you ask for guest blogging. At least, you know what you are in to right? 🙂

  2. Hi Reginald, thanks for your comment, connecting with bloggers can make a huge difference in the acceptance rates of your pitch too!

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