21 Reasons You Need a Business Blog

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s highly likely that your competitors are focused heavily on their web presence. This is because today, more and more consumers are looking for honest, reliable businesses through the internet. Companies are creating Facebook pages, YouTube channels and LinkedIn profiles. These are great tools for getting your company known, but should primarily be serving as a secondary tier of promotion for your business.

Your website should be your company’s main online real estate, and enhancing that website is like building the foundation for the rest of your marketing efforts. The most popular way to build traffic to your website right now is by creating a blog and posting regularly. Blogs have countless benefits to your company and are used by nearly every major company who deals with consumers. If you haven’t set up a blog for your business, here are 21 reasons why you can’t wait:

1) Search Engines Love Them – Google, and the other major search engines have given blogs heavy weight over the last few years. By creating a blog for your business you will rank higher in the results for the terms that your customers are searching for.

2) Invite Inbound Linking – Blog articles give customers and other bloggers in your industry something to talk about. Inbound linking is another way that search engines measure which websites to display at the top of the results list.

3) Creates Brand Familiarity With Customers – Blogs give commercial websites a more personal feel. By regularly communicating with your customers through your blog, your business will be forefront in their minds when it comes to making a purchase.

4) Allows You To Receive Feedback From Visitors – Through comments on your blog you can see how visitors feel about your company, what they are looking for, and what things you can do to better improve the perception of service that they receive.

5) It’s Cheaper Than Many Traditional Marketing Methods – Blog writing is a cost-effective way to market your company. Ad buys and other marketing methods can cost tens of thousands of dollars – blogging costs little more than your time that it takes to write the posts.

6) Blogs Are Easy To Create – You don’t need to be a technical expert to create a blog. With platforms such as WordPress out there, setting up a blog that is ready for customers to visit can be done in less than an hour – even with little to no past experience.

7) Show That You’re An Expert In Your Field – Blogs give you an opportunity to show your customers that you know what you’re talking about. By discussing important aspects of your industry, you can position yourself as an expert when it comes to your business.

8) Build Your E-Mail List – Blogs give you a way to encourage visitors to sign-up for your e-mail list. More users on your list means a larger number of loyal followers of your business – these list members are more likely to convert into customers than random website visitors.

9) Put A Story With Your Brand – Many companies use their blogs to tell a story about their business. This gives your company a more personal feel with consumers. You likely started your business because you’re passionate about something – convey this passion to your blog’s visitors.

10) Bring More Visitors To Your Website – Thanks to how well they rank in the search engines and to the inbound linking from other websites, your blog will bring a lot more visitors (and potential customers) to your website through its helpful and informative articles.

11) It Brings Long-Term Visitors To Your Website – Not only will it bring more visitors, but your blog can also turn those visitors into long-term fans. By producing useful content, these repeat visitors are increasingly more likely to turn to you for their product or service needs.

12) Visitors Can Share Your Site Via Social Media – Blogs give you a great way to spread the word about your business without any additional work. Encourage guests to share your articles and postings through social media and see exponential increases in the number of visitors you receive.

13) You Can Integrate It With Your Social Networking – In fact, your company should also have social media accounts on websites such as Facebook and Google+. By integrating your blog, you can easy get the viral ball rolling with your content on these networks.

14) Can Be Used For Reputation Management – Since blogs rank so well in the search engines, over time your posts can be used to move negative remarks about your company off the first page of results, enhancing your reputation with new potential customers.

15) Easy To Access Analytical Data – By using a service such as Google Analytics, you can easily see what is bringing the most visitors to your website and what you can do to turn them into regular visitors. These analytics are an indispensable tool in improving your business.

16) Can Be Integrated With Your Newsletter – If you’re currently sending out a newsletter to your e-mail list, incorporating and linking to articles on your blog will act as another way to drive significant amounts of traffic for your website.

17) Forces You To Be Up To Date With Current Industry Trends – If you plan on blogging about your business, it’s crucial that you stay up to date with what is going on in your industry. For many business owners, this can be difficult because of time obligations – blogging gives you a set time to sit back and keep current with what’s happening around you.

18) Platform To Share Offers And Promotions – By having a blog, you have a direct line of conversation to your customers. Take advantage of this by promoting specials that your company is running to increase sales. Users on your website are a more targeted group of consumers than those reached through many traditional advertising methods.

19) Partner With Complementary Companies – Find companies out there who complement your business and offer to partner with them. This could mean simply mentioning each other’s businesses in blog posts, adding banner links and advertisements, or even guest posting on each other’s blogs. This cross-promotion is a win-win for everyone involved.

20) You Can Often Hire Affordable Experts To Write For You – So you’re not much of a writer? That’s understandable. Everyone has their special talents, and if writing is not yours simply find someone who is more proficient at is such as a co-worker , friend or just hire us 🙂 With just a little looking, finding someone knowledgeable on your topic that is also skilled at writing is simple and can be relatively un-expensive.

21) It Doesn’t Just Have To Be Articles – You’re not a writer, or maybe you don’t have time to sit down and write blog articles, but yet you still want to personally handle posting to your blog? Consider recording a short video. A simple 5-minute video can take less than 15 minutes to record and post to your blog. This type of blog entry is a popular new trend among many larger companies.

If you’ve put off setting up a blog because you thought it would be too difficult to setup and maintain, or because you don’t see the value, then think again. There is a reason that Fortune 500 companies are putting so much emphasis on social networking and reaching out to their consumers. Digital advertising is quickly becoming the norm for companies both big and small, and creating a blog is one of the most cost effective and powerful ways that your business can gain market share through the online arena.

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Kostas Chiotis is the Founder and Head of Outreach at Iris Signals

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